3 Easy Steps for How to get the Lagenlook

How to get the Lagenlook?

One of the fastest growing trends over the last few years has been the Lagenlook trend. Lagenlook has been taken from the German word and literally means layered clothing. It is a style of dressing that has become very popular with everybody regardless of size and age.


how to get the lagenlook

how to get the lagenlook


Whilst a lot of people see the over sized Made in Italy as being the Lagenlook style, this is not necessarily true as it is more about styling layered clothes your own way. So how exactly do you achieve the Lagenlook look? Well there are various tips to follow if you want to achieve this look, all of which are very easy to do.


How to get the Lagenlook – 3 Simple Steps

1. Work on your base layers. To achieve a real Lagenlook style you really need to build up the layers. Just wearing one over sized tunic is not the Lagenlook. Like any great outfit the foundation garments are just as essential to the over all look. Start of with some really good long length t- shirts, leggings or treggings as your base layers and then build up your outfit.


base layers


It is often a good idea to buy base layers with a good quality elastane content as this will give a much better effect. You can go for plain base layers such as browns, creams, greys or blacks or add a shot of an accent colour such as red or yellow, whatever you prefer.


vedatzorluer / Pixabay

vedatzorluer / Pixabay


2. Dress the layers for your body shape. Often you will see people who just wear one big baggy top or tunic with something over the top. This is not really a flattering look as you really need more fitted pieces or pieces made from good quality fabrics to give you shape and structure.


dress to your body shape


Rather than hiding your body under big, shapeless pieces think about dressing to emphasize your best features. If you have a small waist wear layers that nip you in at the waist and if you are a straight up and down shape then wear pieces that will give you some curves. Really think how you want your end outfit to look and also how you want to look in it.

3. Think about using accessories. One of the best ways to create the Lagenlook style is to use accessories. Think big chunky jewellery or scarves, fingerless gloves, ankle boots and over body bags.


think about accessories


Accessories can really help define your outfit and will give yo a style that is unique to you. Don’t be afraid to experiment with accessories when developing your style, play around and see what you come up with.


How to get the Lagenlook –  Final Thoughts

The Lagenlook style of dressing is a really fun, unique way to create fashionable outfits. You do not need to go and buy a whole new wardrobe, you just need some key pieces that will work within your outfits. Its a style of dressing that lets you experiment with colour and fabric mixing plain pieces with prints and cottons with knits whatever you feel like and allows you to create totally different looks each time you put a new outfit together.


pink top worn with waistcoat

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How to get the Lagenlook

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