3 Red Hot Ladies Fashion Trends for Spring 2016

Each season new and enticing Fashion Trends start making their way through from the catwalk shows from the previous Autumn. This is always a really exciting time in the Fashion world with stunning designs starting to appear in the shops and online websites up and
down the country. Lets take a look at three of the hot Fashion trends for the Spring 2016 season and what pieces to be seen in and buy.


Red Hot Ladies Fashion Trends for Spring

1. The 90s. One of the biggest trends to come out of the Autumn Fashion shows was the fashion scene from the 90s. This was a time when the likes of Kate Moss was the epitome of grunge. Remember her look of flimsy slip dress with grunge biker boots and an over-sized jacket ? Well its back. Think track suit bottoms, Suzy D do a really stylish pair that are fabulous for day wear but will also look amazing teamed with high heeled wedge boot and flimsy blouse for the evening.


lagenlook pants 153 black


Slip dress where also big on the cat walk for the Spring season so buying into this trend will see you ticking two sartorial boxes at once. This look is all about mismatching, over-sized manly boots and seriously feminine dresses work so well and man sized jackets with soft floaty dresses. This is a trend that will really let you stand out from the crowd and develop your own unique take on it.


Vintage Actress Collage Old


2. Stripes. Although a perennial favourite, stripes are big for Spring 2016. The majority of fashion designers showed stripes as part of the Spring 2016 collections and they are the thing to be seen in. So many people shy away from stripes thinking they can’t wear them
that they make them look bigger but choose wisely and stripes will bring real drama to your wardrobe.


Red Hot Ladies Fashion Trends for Spring 2016

3 Red Hot Ladies Fashion Trends for Spring 2016


Wendy Trendy have an amazing stripe hooded jacket for this season which is both practical and stylish. It looks amazing with jeans and pumps for casual day time wear and will be the sort of staple piece that you would need to have in your Spring wardrobe. Warm enough for the cooler days of the year this piece carries serious style credentials.



3. Accessories and all that glitters. Jewellery and accessories are seriously on trend this season and the more the better. This is not a season to be demure when it comes to accessorizing your outfit.


Lagenlook Muriel blue scarf


Think hats, scarves, necklaces, earrings even glasses the more you pile it high and layer layer layer the more on trend you are going to be. Its like stepping back in time to the seventies where bling and accessories ruled. This is such an easy trend to follow and you can really make this look your own.

Red Hot Ladies Fashion Trends for Spring 2016 – Final Thoughts

Hat Pink Women's Hat

Each of these on season trends is easy to adapt to everyday living and can be found very easily on the high street. The chances are you will have some really good basic pieces in your wardrobe that you can build each trend around but its still worth picking up some
of the statement pieces mentioned above.

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Ladies Fashion Trends for Spring 2016

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