Fashion Tips for Ladies Over 40 – 3 Top Style Tips

Top Fashion Tips for Women over 40.

Age is no barrier today for looking trendy and fashionable. Unlike people from previous generations who would get to middle age and feel that fashion was then not for them, now most people want to stay looking young and trendy.



This is all well and good but sometimes we all need a bit of advise as to what constitutes young and trendy and what is going to make us look like mutton dressed as lamb. Once we hit forty there are a few fashion tips to take heed of so that we continue to look fashionable but in age appropriate clothing. Below are the top tips to follow if you want to look fashionable in your forties.


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Fashion Tips for Ladies Over 40 – 3 Top Style Tips

1. Don’t flash too much flesh. Once we get into our forties it is important to remember that not too much flesh should be on show. Even if you still have the figure of some one in their early twenties you don’t want to dress like that.


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Always wear items that cover you up a little bit. Yes it is still perfectly acceptable to wear a shorter skirt but think about wearing thicker tights and boots or leggings. Also if you are going to wear a top that is a little lower cut then don’t wear a skirt that is short. Think of only showing a small amount of flesh at one time.


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2. Think about your colours. As we age our hair colour and skin tome automatically change. Once you are in your forties the youthful blush of your early years tends to go so it is important to think about what colours you choose to put next to your skin.


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Although colour is still very flattering, think about colours that aren’t going to drain you of your own natural colour. Stay away from too many neon bright shades and think about swapping black for navy, brown or grey.

3. Modify your high fashion looks. You can still look young and trendy in your forties and still follow fashion, you just have to think about editing it a little bit more to make it age appropriated. Whilst in your teens and twenties you can get away with anything and still
generally look great in your forties you have to tame high fashion a little bit to make it work for you.


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Most retailers now understand that being in your forties plus is not old and so have started to cater a lot more for this age group. Skinny jeans will still look fabulous on someone in their forties just make sure that they are teamed with a longer length top for example.


Fashion Tips for Ladies Over 40 – Final Thoughts

Whilst you should never let your age stop you from looking and feeling fabulous you do have to think a little bit more about what you are wearing but with a small amount of research and some careful buying you can go into your forties looking and feeling amazing.


Fashion Tips for Ladies Over 40

Fashion Tips for Ladies Over 40


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Fashion Tips for Ladies Over 40

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