Lagenlook Clothing The Art of Layered Clothing Styles

Lagenlook fashion. The Skill of Layering

Lagenlook “layered look” ladies fashion is for everyone, regardless of your shape and measurements. To wear the layered look in a successful way, you just have to follow a few ground rules. Here are our finest tips for getting the look just right


Lagenlook Clothing The Art of Layered Clothing Styles

Lagenlook Clothing The Art of Layered Clothing Styles


1) Get the proportions right for your body shape. Tall, willowy women may carry off more layers effectively. You could begin with a very long layer as a base, for example a long-length dress or a longer-length tunic on top of a pair of trousers or leggings and add more layers in between, such as a mid-length top and a modest shrug, cropped jumper or cami over the top to finish off the ensemble.


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If you actually are an hour-glass shape you can make the best of your waist by cinching it in together with a belt over a dress. Layer up with your most preferred leggings or pants and finish off with a cropped top that draws the eye to the middle of your body.



Wide leg trousers work most effectively for the hour-glass figure for the reason they add balance to the hips and draw attention to the waist. Do keep your tops to the shorter length to make the best of your body style.


Lagenlook tunic 18379-white


If you happen to be an apple shape, longer length dresses and tunics work successfully for you as they are great for adding balance to the figure. Stay away from tops which finish at the waistline as this draws the eye to your widest part. Balance out the look through adorning slim-fit pants or leggings underneath your dresses and tunics to best exhibit your legs. Layer up with cropped jumpers or otherwise shorter length jackets to finish off the look.


Suzy D Clothes Online

Suzy D Clothes Online


For the pear-shaped body style, longer-length dresses and tunics are most beneficial for you. Long skirts may be effectively combined with three quarter length tunics. Avoid anything that finishes at the hips, as this just draws attention to your broadest part. Take advantage of your frame by pairing the look with either a long-length coat or a cropped jacket or bolero-style knit or top.


suzy d short jumper


If you have a petite frame choose shorter length tops and tunics. The longest we would suggest is a mid-calf length, as you don’t wish to look like your garments are swamping you. Keep the look more fitted. You can perform tests with short-length jackets or beautiful little knits over your tunics. Merge skirts along with fitted tops and pull the look together by way of co-ordinating fashion accessories. You can in fact pile on the layers with little waistcoats and scarves.




Deliver curves to a boyish frame by means of applying different length layers over a skirt or perhaps tunic. Give definition to your body shape by wearing leggings. You can get away with a great deal of volume to your skirts and teaming them with more fitted tops.



2) No matter what your shape and size clothing accessories work successfully for everybody and truly define the lagenlook style. Enjoy yourself with your fashion accessories. Scarves can add so much attraction to your ensemble and are fantastic at providing a together look to your colour scheme. Large, daring necklaces are also great and work particularly well on the fuller figure woman.


Suzy D lagenlook jumper blue



3) Don’t be afraid to experiment by using colours and diverse textures and patterns. Provided you keep to a colour theme you may safely mix patterns with plains. Blend diverse fabrics like heavy cottons and linens with silk and knits for further interest.




4) Go with an accent colour. For those individuals that don’t like to be too adventurous with colour, you can co-ordinate your look flawlessly with a solitary accent colour against a more muted shade. Pop a little t shirt or singlet beneath a tunic, so that you only see a small amount of the colour from the neckline or the sleeves and tie that colour in using a scarf or an item of jewellery.


Lagenlook flower and bead necklace

Do not be scared to be inventive with your lagenlook style. Bear in mind it’s as individual as you are so have fun with it.

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