Lagenlook Fashion Clothing – Dressing for your Age

As we grow older, it starts to become increasingly more of an issue to dress for your age and still be fashionable. These days individuals remain much younger for for much longer and due to this individuals are way more aware of fashion and of wishing to look trendy but without looking as they are dressed for someone much younger or possibly a great deal older.




Over 40 Lagenlook Dressing

Where years before there where definite looks for specific decades, fashion and dressing is no longer such as that and currently people can pass for much younger due to the styles that they opt for. As an example for ladies now in their 40’s with teenage daughters they will be able to go shopping with one another in the same shops and still find items to match both age ranges.



This is for the reason that retailers are currently aware to the very fact that the over 40 customer wants to be fashionable and trendy as has finances to spend for doing just that. The golden rule for dressing for your age whilst still being trendy is wearing items that are appropriate for yourself. This is where the Lagenlook technique of being dressed truly forges ahead as it truly is a ageless way of being dressed.


The Lagenlook Technique

For example take a piece such as a long length tunic and hareem style pants.These 2 items of clothing can appear fashionable on any age younger ladies can pair the tunic together with skinny jeans and the hareem pants together with a cropped top and layered t-shirts whilst older women may style the 2 items with one another and use scarves or alternatively necklaces to add to the ensemble.



The layered look or Lagen look is an uncomplicated comfortable style of appearing stylish at any specific age while creating your own idea of style. Age is not any limit on this style of dressing and you can try out colours and prints to truly outline your ensemble. Although as we grow older the skin tends to become more sallow consequently it is advisable to permit the younger lady dress in the acid bright colors that may drain a more mature skin and older ladies stick to more flattering muted and pastel colours.


Lagenlook Fashion Clothing - Dressing for your Age

Lagenlook Fashion Clothing – Dressing for your Age

Lagenlook Fashion Clothing – Dressing for your Age – Final words

As illustrated there exist plenty of methods to be dressed fashionably for your age it just needs the understanding of knowing exactly what looks good for you and also how to adapt fashion and style developments to fit your age bracket.


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When you have recognized this you may consistently choose fashionable pieces whilst being certain that you are sporting something that appears fantastic and has you looking fashionable without looking as if you are sporting something that is way too young for you.


fashion over 40

fashion over 40


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