Lagenlook Style Clothing – 3 Secrets of the Lagenlook

Get the Lagenlook.

The Lagenlook style of dressing has been increasingly popular over the last few years and whilst some people make it look very simple to achieve, other people find creating the look to be very difficult. Some people put on too many layers that make them look bulky whilst others create a look that is just too confusing mixing the wrong pieces together to give a mismatched effect. Therefore we are going to take a look at a few simple rules to get the Lagenlook easily and simply.


Lagenlook Style Clothing

Lagenlook Style Clothing – 3 Lagenlook Style Secrets

1. Know what look you want to achieve. This seems an obvious rule but many people don’t really know the look that they are trying to achieve. Do you want to create a boho style, or a more simplistic minimalist look or a very heavy arty layered look? Once you have decided what look you are trying to create, then you can go about searching for the correct pieces and then putting them together. If you are creating a boho look for example, then you will be looking for pieces with tassels and prints, that are floaty and have more volume and will want scarves and thick belts to accessorise with. Were as if you are aiming for a more minimalist look then you will be looking for simple pieces in more muted tones that are more fitted to the body building up more interest through the layers than colours
and prints.



2. Build up your layers. Lagenlook is all about creating detail through layering. To do this correctly you have to build up your layers carefully not in a haphazard way. Start off with a base layer such as a pair of skinny pants and a skinny t-shirt. Over this you could add a tunic or open shirt, then a further layer could be a chunky cardigan. To maximise the style look you can pull it all together by adding a belt and chunky jewellery or a scarf. Finally depending on the weather a loose coat over the top will complete the look. Once
you have the basic rules of building up the layers sorted you will find creating each outfit to be very simple.


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3. Be adventurous with accessories. Accessories can really add something special to any outfit but especially Lagenlook styling. As a rule big chunky jewellery and long flowing scarves will always compliment an outfit but do be careful to work with your body shape
and height, as you don’t want to dwarf a petite frame or use something too delicate on a bigger frame. A well placed scarf can add that extra something and can bring together your completed look so have fun with accessories and see how well they can work for you.


Lagenlook Style Clothing – Final Words

So by following the above few rules you can get the Lagenlook style of dressing quite simply. By just working out what look you want to create and building up the layers you can achieve a super stylish individual look in no time at all.


Lagenlook Style Clothing

Lagenlook Style Clothing


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Lagenlook Style Clothing

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