Size 14 Fashion Tips – How to look Fantastic When you are Size 14?

This fashion article emphasizes on ideas on how best to display your figure if you actually are size 14 and over. The domain of fashion may be particularly daunting if you are size 14 and larger as you recognize there are plenty of fantastic clothing outfits in the marketplace which will suit you nevertheless you also know it is simple to slip into the various fashion traps that will more than likely be unbecoming.


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Size 14 Fashion Tips – Top Tips

Tip 1. How to deal with your Bottom and thighs

The process of covering up, disguising and enhancing just how your bottom and thighs appear can be important for all who is worried regarding this part and would wish to appear their very best when sporting pants.


Size 14 Fashion Tips

Size 14 Fashion Tips


Ever since women began adorning jeans and pants of any description there has been fitting and style difficulties which needed to be solved. Genetic factors may present you with gaining weight troubles in the hip region and bottom area and this is usually unavoidable. Although what we can do is something about how jeans may make us either appear better or perhaps worse in the type and manner we wear them.



You ought to consider that double horizontal lines which may be generated by a the sporting of a shorter shirt which has decorative pockets has an enormously widening impact on your bottom and thigh area and an excellent way to resolve this difficulty is to have no rear pockets upon your jeans. You ought to also be aware that plus-sized ladies wearing shorter cropped pants can be a real fashion tragedy.


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Tip 2. Ensure your clothing items are not overly tight

There might be not much worse than trying to squeeze into clothes which are simply overly small for you. Don’t consider that wearing a smaller size shall make you seem slimmer as actually, it really can cause you to appear a great deal bigger. This is for the reason smaller, tighter fitting garments adorned on a larger body has the effect of increasing your total weight. Exactly what you require is to find clothing that fits properly and ignore the size on the price tag.


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Tip 3. Steer clear of excessively baggy attire also

Alternatively, clothing which is overly loose doesn’t work as well. In regards of fashion tips for fuller figured women, this is paramount. How often do you observe an overweight woman looking “tent like” in her outfit. While it’s the case that some styles of plus size ladies’s fashion clothing are designed in this way, many ladies persist in purchasing the incorrect sizes for their body shape.



If the will in buying the oversize clothing is to attempt to hide their body the reality is it merely attracts more notice to it. No matter your body frame your attire needs to fall perfectly on your form with no tightness or baggyness. They need to flow naturally with the curves of the body in a gentle manner.


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Tip 4. Wear Dark Colors upon the Heavier Parts

Particular colours can act as an excellent weapon for concealing weight issues. The darker colors are able to offer a receding effect while those brighter and lighter colours may advance certain areas in combination with darker colors to reduce the scale of heavy parts. If you have larger thighs as an example you ought to wear dark navy, browns and blacks together with a light-weight bright top. If it is the case you have big bust and smaller hips be certain to wear the darker colours on the top part of your body together with lighter colors on the bottom.


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Tip 5. Stay away from Little Tops

If you discover that you need to pull your top right down to be able to keep it over the stomach, hips or thighs then you really want a bigger size. In terms of the style of Neckline for plus size tops. A vee-neck tee or top, deep or low scoop neck tee is a good deal more flattering than a boat style of neck as these advised necklines create a vertical line effect while really may not be visually slimming but does not add any weight to your appearance.

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Size 14 Fashion Tips

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