Slow Fashion Definition – Exactly What is Slow Fashion?

Are you asking the question precisely what is slow fashion? Throughout the last four years or so there has been a turning tide in the style trade from fast fashion to slow fashion. That’s, a departing from inexpensive, poor quality clothing to higher priced, nevertheless more moral and greater quality clothing.


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This move has happened for a large number of reasons. One reason is during the last few years during the recession consumers have not been spending the same amount on shopping and consequently it’s been a sensible move to buy attire of greater quality employing a lot better fabrics that will last much longer and consequently over time be a great deal more value for money on a cost per wear basis.


Slow Fashion Definition

Slow Fashion Definition

Slow Fashion Definition – What you need to Know

Buying four tops in your standard value high street a store, might on first buy be the exact same as buying one from an independent boutique selling higher quality brands, nevertheless it will likely be the boutique purchase which will keep in good condition time after time. Another reason is the moral cost of fashion.



Customers today are far more concerned regarding where their purchases are obtained from than at any time before. Now they don’t want to buy attire that are mass created in a sweat shop in China, although want to understand that the manufacturers of their clothes are given a honest compensation for their labor.


How to Layer for Winter Fashionably

How to Layer for Winter Fashionably


When looking at what is slow fashion next to the human, ethical cost of fashion are the raw materials themselves. A great deal more individuals are concerned in fair trade cotton and recycled materials for their clothing today than again mass-created cotton where growers are paid an extremely little sum for their products. Although these particular fair-trade procedures boost the price tag of clothing at the consumer end a great deal of individuals are of the belief it’s a price point worth paying to make sure suppliers have fair-minded deal.


Slow Fashion Definition 2


An added reason for slow fashion today is to not be subject to constant changing fashion trends. High fashion may be very expensive and continually being required to change and bring up to date your clothes collection may be extremely costly, even when bought at lower-priced clothing shops.



Standalone boutiques and higher quality stores are likely to not be enslaved by fashion as much. Although there are continually nods and references to present developments their clothes for the most part are likely to be more investment items that have the ability to be worn over and over again and shall not be unfashionable in a couple of months time.

Slow Fashion Definition – Conclusion

In concluding the slow fashion movement is a trend that is actually gaining pace in the fashion arena. As we move into a point in time where customers are becoming more savvy regarding their shopping plus much more ethical in their thinking, it’s as if we even have turned back time to an earlier age in the case of making clothing purchases which is merely going to have a positive effect on the consumer the providers and employees and the environment as a whole. I trust the previously mentioned has assisted you to pin down what is slow fashion and helped you determine if it is the best option for you.

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