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Best Ways to Wear a Fashion Scarf – 3 Fabulous Ways

1 Amazing scarf worked in 3 fabulous ways.

We all know how accessories can really vamp up an outfit and turn it into something amazing. Over the last few years the accessories market has grown and grown as people have realised this.



Accessories are also a very inexpensive way of transforming an outfit, with just a well-chosen scarf or necklace for example you can update a lot of your wardrobe. Here we are going to look at how one over-sized scarf can be transformed to give you three different looks, creating three outfits for the price of just one scarf.


How to Wear a Ladies Neck Scarf

How to Wear a Ladies Neck Scarf

Best Ways to Wear a Fashion Scarf – 3 Fabulous Ways

1. Casual dressing. Adding an oversized scarf to your weekend outfit gives it a fresh instant update, especially if you choose one that is in the new seasons colours. Work an over-sized scarf with a pair of skinny jeans, a simple basic t-shirt and a cropped jacket and across the body bag for an uber stylish yet relaxed look.


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By adding a pop of colour with your scarf you can transform a very simple outfit into something really eye catching and individual. Your scarf can be worn knotted, tied or draped around your shoulders however you want to create this classic look.


Winter Accessories For Women

Accessories For Women


2. Evening wear. A scarf is a great choice for evening wear because it can be used as a stylish shawl to really dress up your outfit. A plain coloured scarf can be used to accessorize the colours of your outfit or if you are wearing a plain outfit then go for a scarf with an amazing print or a real pop of colour to make your outfit really stand out. A scarf is the ideal choice for evening when you just need a little something to cover you instead of wearing a jacket. This simple trick looks super stylish and is also very practical.


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3. Adapt for beach wear. Packing a scarf with you when you go away on holiday is a great space saver as it can have a multi- function role. As well as wearing it to transform your day wear, wearing it as a shawl for evening wear, it is also a great substitute for a sarong.




Going for an over-sized scarf is such a fabulous way of dressing for your holidays and a scarf worn as a sarong works amazingly well. As most people tend to wear beach wear for just sitting by the pool a scarf is a really good cover up, whilst really adding a touch of style to your beach wear.


Best Ways to Wear a Fashion Scarf – 3 Fabulous Ways

Adding a scarf to your working wardrobe means that you can create so many great outfits in a very cheap and easy way and instead of having to update to much or your wardrobe you can just keep updating your scarves.


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Best Ways to Wear a Fashion Scarf