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Lagenlook plus size style tips for Spring

Lagenlook styling has become increasingly popular over the last few years as it is a simple yet effective way of disguising those unwanted lumps and bumps of the body.

The trend has spread rapidly in the plus size clothing market because of the ease of styling but there are one or two points to remember when styling Lagenlook clothing for plus size because if not styled correctly in can have a tendency to make a person look larger than they actually are.


Unsplash / Pixabay

Unsplash / Pixabay


If you are unsure about how to dress in the Lagenlook style then follow the tips below and you will soon discover how easy it is and how great you can look.




Lagenlook plus size style tips for Spring


1. Dress for your body shape. No matter what your size everybody has a specific body shape. Whether you are short and curvy or tall and rectangular, your  body shape will determine what styles you should be dressing in.

Although a lot of Lagenlook clothes that are on the market are just over large free sizes that fit everyone whether a size 10 or 24 just slipping one of these on is not the right way to go. You need to asses your body shape and then dress accordingly.




If you are tall and broad shouldered then you can carry off something with a lot more volume and length than a much shorter person so think about your body shape before you buy.


Lagenlook plus size

Lagenlook styling for Spring


2. Think about creating curves. Again when dressing in the Lagenlook style you want to create some curves and show the definition of your body as this will always have a much more slimming and flattering effect than just putting on a shapeless over size garment.




Think about using belts to give definition to your waist, or cropped jackets to show your curves. Fitted trousers with a loose top will generally always look better than having a loose look top and bottom. With a few simple tweeks to your outfits you can add curves and definition where you did not have any and achieve a much better over all look.




3. Don’ forget to accessorize. Accessorizing your outfit is a crucial style tip that is often over looked by a lot of people. The right accessories will really set off an outfit and it is a really simple and cost effective way to transform a lot of your outfits.

Whether you want to be all out daring or just add a simple scarf accessorizing is an absolute must. A scarf in the new seasons colours is an easy and instant way of bringing your outfit bang up to date and a pop of colour to a muted look will totally transform it. Whatever way you decide to accessorize your outfit is up to you but it is a real style essential tip.


Lagenlook plus size

Lagenlook plus size styling

Lagenlook plus size style tips for Spring – Final words

The simple tips above are very easy yet effective ways to truly perfect the art of Lagenlook styling and will guarantee that each outfit that you wear shows you at your best.

A little bit of thought before you chose your outfit will make all the difference and by dressing for your body shape and showing off your curves you will discover a whole new you.

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Lagenlook Tops UK – 3 Hot Stylish Lagenlook Tops 2016

3 Hot Lagenlook tops.

When buying Lagenlook tops there are some styles that are really must have pieces. Those items that you know are really going to flatter you and that you will pull out of your wardrobe time and time again and wear in a number of different ways and for different occasions. I have selected here three of the best Lagenlook tops for the current season that you can start wearing immediately and that will take you right through the Spring and Summer season.


3 Hot Lagenlook tops Uk 2016

1. Suzy D grey long length top. Suzy D are a go to company for Lagenlook styling. Their effortless pieces make any wardrobe. A British company that truly understands uncomplicated styling, Suzy D is a brand that you should definitely have in your wardrobe. This long length grey top is an absolute must for the Spring and Summer season.


Lagenlook Tops UK

New Lagenlook Tops UK 2016


It is a super flattering fit, having a capped sleeve and loose flowing body. The dipped hemline covers the bottom to give a really flattering look. The style means that it can be worn casually over jeans with a long sleeved t-shirt underneath for the cooler weather during the day time.


markusspiske / Pixabay

markusspiske / Pixabay


It also looks amazing for the night time with a pair of skinny pants and high heeled ankle boots. This is a piece that you can pull out for many different occasions and style in many different ways, meaning it will become one of the hardest working pieces in your wardrobe.


maya_7966 / Pixabay

maya_7966 / Pixabay


2. Another classic must have Lagenlook top is the Suzy D navy blue jumper. This super soft light weight jumper is the perfect addition to your Spring wardrobe. Made from the softest fabric, this piece is perfect for the Spring days when a warm layer is required. The length and cut give a very flattering fit and this style is perfect to wear over jeans for a casual look or more tailored trousers if a smarter look is required.


Hot Spring Fashion Trends for Ladies


The classic navy blue colour works so well with whites and creams as well as grey and black. The back fastening detail gives a very stylish edge to the jumper and means it can be worn in one of two ways. This is another must have piece in your Spring wardrobe and is a classic Lagenlook top.


ladies fashion over 50

ladies fashion


3. The final Lagenlook top for your Spring wardrobe is the over sized bat wing paisley top. This is a very easy top to wear . Cut to very generous proportions this is a top that can be layered and worn in many different ways.


Lagenlook paisley top


The simple grey colour means you can team it with super bright colours such as pink or yellow to give your outfit an instant pop and injection of Spring colour. The lightweight fabric makes it ideal to carry into the early Summer months and it is perfect to wear with skinny pants or a harem style trouser. This again is one top that you can pull out time and time again and wear for casual occasions as well as smarter affairs.


shoes-fashion over 50

Lagenlook Tops UK – Final Words

Any of the three tops mentioned above are fabulous Lagenlook tops to add to your existing Spring wardrobe. They are all super flattering pieces that can be worn in a number of different ways and are all stylish additions to see you into the Spring months and beyond.



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Lagenlook Style for Spring Collections – Spring Season Clothing

Lagenlook Styling for Spring.

Spring is just around the corner and so it is now time to start thinking about your Spring wardrobes and what you will be wearing over the coming months. Spring is one of those seasons that offers all sorts of new and exciting changes. The thought of lighter nights and warmer days ahead is reflected in the gorgeous Spring lines that start coming through into the shops and online stores. The images of lighter fabrics and colours is one to lift your mood so lets take a look at the colours and key pieces for the season ahead.


Lagenlook Style for Spring Collections

Lagenlook Style for Spring Collections

Lagenlook Style for Spring Collections – What’s New

1. Pastel shades. One of the key colours for the season ahead is pastel shades from dusky pinks to baby blues with sorbet lemons to the lightest of greens, if you want to be seen to be in Fashion this season, then be in a pastel shade. Pastel colours seem to epitomise the Spring and Summer months and work so well with base hues of cream, white brown and grey. There is a pastel shade out there to work with any hair colour and skin tone so nobody should be afraid of trying them out.



Whether you are going to go head to toe in pastel shades or be less daring and just accessorize with a scarf or jewellery, being seen in a pastel shade will defintely update your wardrobe in an instant. Try mixing and matching pastel shades as well so pinks and blues together or lemons and greens, experimenting with colour clashes is a great way to update your look and excitement to it.


young-girl spring


2. Light layering. Over the last few seasons more and more layering has appeared on the catwalk and in fashion magazines and has filtered onto the high street. The layered look is instantly fashionable and really lets your create your own unique take on fashion.



The Spring months are a great time to experiment in this style of dressing as you can easily build up your Spring wardrobe with Spring layers from over-sized t-shirts to long length cardigans, over sized dresses to skinny jeans, all these pieces will work well in the layered wardrobe. The real advantage of layered styling in the cooler Spring months is that it is a great way of dressing for the transeasonal months as you can build up warmth with many light layers.


Vintage Flapper Lady

Lagenlook Style for Spring Collections – Final Thoughts

Therefore if you are looking for some ways to add an instant update to your new Season wardrobe then take some advice from above. Think about what colours you will be wearing over the coming season and try adding a touch of layering to your wardrobe.


Hat Summer Hat


By applying these two simple touches to your look , you will instantly refresh and update your style in a very easy and inexpensive way. The use of pastels will give an instant Spring feel to your wardrobe so get shopping now and pick up some of the new styles out there and start looking forward to wearing your new Spring fashions.


lagenlook matilda grey scarf


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Lagenlook Style for Spring Collections

Lagenlook Style Clothing – 3 Secrets of the Lagenlook

Get the Lagenlook.

The Lagenlook style of dressing has been increasingly popular over the last few years and whilst some people make it look very simple to achieve, other people find creating the look to be very difficult. Some people put on too many layers that make them look bulky whilst others create a look that is just too confusing mixing the wrong pieces together to give a mismatched effect. Therefore we are going to take a look at a few simple rules to get the Lagenlook easily and simply.


Lagenlook Style Clothing

Lagenlook Style Clothing – 3 Lagenlook Style Secrets

1. Know what look you want to achieve. This seems an obvious rule but many people don’t really know the look that they are trying to achieve. Do you want to create a boho style, or a more simplistic minimalist look or a very heavy arty layered look? Once you have decided what look you are trying to create, then you can go about searching for the correct pieces and then putting them together. If you are creating a boho look for example, then you will be looking for pieces with tassels and prints, that are floaty and have more volume and will want scarves and thick belts to accessorise with. Were as if you are aiming for a more minimalist look then you will be looking for simple pieces in more muted tones that are more fitted to the body building up more interest through the layers than colours
and prints.



2. Build up your layers. Lagenlook is all about creating detail through layering. To do this correctly you have to build up your layers carefully not in a haphazard way. Start off with a base layer such as a pair of skinny pants and a skinny t-shirt. Over this you could add a tunic or open shirt, then a further layer could be a chunky cardigan. To maximise the style look you can pull it all together by adding a belt and chunky jewellery or a scarf. Finally depending on the weather a loose coat over the top will complete the look. Once
you have the basic rules of building up the layers sorted you will find creating each outfit to be very simple.


plus size shopping online


3. Be adventurous with accessories. Accessories can really add something special to any outfit but especially Lagenlook styling. As a rule big chunky jewellery and long flowing scarves will always compliment an outfit but do be careful to work with your body shape
and height, as you don’t want to dwarf a petite frame or use something too delicate on a bigger frame. A well placed scarf can add that extra something and can bring together your completed look so have fun with accessories and see how well they can work for you.


Lagenlook Style Clothing – Final Words

So by following the above few rules you can get the Lagenlook style of dressing quite simply. By just working out what look you want to create and building up the layers you can achieve a super stylish individual look in no time at all.


Lagenlook Style Clothing

Lagenlook Style Clothing


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Lagenlook Style Clothing

Lagenlook Women’s Clothing – New Lagenlook Ladies Style

Fashion is something that comes and goes constantly. Each decade and place in time can be marked by the Fashion of the day from the fashions of the conservative Victorian era to the swinging Sixties when mini skirts and rainbows of colour styled the day. During the last few years though a style of clothing has emerged that is not of one particular time or place but is more of a way of showing individual style and fashion taste.


Lagenlook stripe jumper

Lagenlook Women’s Clothing – What you need to be aware of

This style of dressing has been labeled Lagenlook, taken from the German word for layering and means layered look. It is a style that has been embraced by a lot of people who love Fashion and can be found in both high-end and budget fashion. It is a style of dressing that suits everyone regardless of age or body shape and can be tailored to suit everyone.


Because of this sudden love of the Lagenlook style there has been a huge surge in suppliers for Lagenlook women’s clothing both in high street stores and online web sites. There is a huge range of Lagenlook women’s clothing to chose from and the pieces available allow you to be as tame or as daring as you would like to be. This style of Fashion is something that can be seen in the world of celebrity. Take for example the actress Helena Bonham Carter.


Lagenlook Winter Dresses


Helena is someone who loves the Lagenlook style of clothing. Her unique sense of style is built around layer upon layer of clothing to give her a unique, quirky individual look. There is nothing about her look that could be described as being simple as each layer is built of a contrast of fabrics and colours to give a striking and flamboyant over all effect but it a look that has become synonymous with her.


pretty girl


Judi Dench is another actress who dresses in the Lagenlook style but who goes for more simple classic looks to build up her style. Think tailored oversized pieces in creams, greys and whites, soft cottons and linens. These are all the layers that she uses to build up her classic Lagenlook style. Despite the difference in age and shape of these two ladies they embody the classic Lagenlook way of dressing.

Lagenlook Women’s Clothing – Final Thoughts

For any one wanting to experiment with this way of dressing there are so many places to buy these clothes and some fabulous brands to choose from. Labels such as Wendy Trendy and Suzy D are two such brands that carry a whole range of Lagenlook clothing. They offer simple t- shirts that are great under layers to dresses and tunics pants, knitwear and accessories, all the pieces needed to build your Lagenlook wardrobe.


Fabric Wool Textile Texture Pattern Material


The fantastic thing about these labels as well apart from their huge selection is the quality and affordability that they offer. So if you are thinking of adopting a new look for the New Year why not try dressing the Lagenlook way and have fun developing a new style and look for the year ahead.


Lagenlook jumper beige


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Lagenlook Women’s Clothing

Affordable Lagenlook Fashion – Finding Quality Cheap Lagenlook Style


Lagenlook affordable clothing.

Over the last few years the fiscal landscape has been difficult terrain for a lot of house holds and so a lot of people have looked for more affordable clothing where one time they would have gone for more expensive branded clothing. Whilst most people have still
wanted and needed to buy into new fashions spending on big ticket items has been impossible for many and so new retailers have flooded the market with new affordable brands to tempt consumers.


Affordable Lagenlook Fashion

Affordable Lagenlook Clothing

One of the new emerging retailers to come through has been the style of clothing called Lagenlook. This style is taken from the German word meaning layered and has become synonymous with a particular style of clothing. This style of clothing has offered fashion
lovers a cheaper alternative to fashion.


blonde girl


Lagenlook clothing is not restricted to the more value end of the Fashion chain, indeed the are several brands that are much more expensive but in the main the Lagenlook brand will be a cheaper more affordable line of clothing. Just because it is a more affordable
fashion does not mean though that it is compromised on design style or quality. Although some of this style of fashion will be poorer quality there are several brands such as Suzy D that offer fantastic quality and price. Suzy D is a brand that has emerged over the last
ten years and is now a driving force in the lagenlook styling. They offer a fantastic range of affordable fashion pieces.



They are high on quality and low on price and allow the shopper to develop their own unique sense of style in a very affordable way. Their clothes offer good quality materials and are made to a high standard which means they are pieces that will stand up to wearablitiy. Indeed with careful research online you can find a whole range of cheap affordable clothing that is made of a high standard. The beauty now with online shopping is that a lot of the over heads have been taken out of the market place which means that the savings are now being passed on to consumers so giving shoppers now more savings and greater quality.


lagenlook tunic brown

Affordable Lagenlook Fashion – Final Words

Therfore if you are looking for more affordable fashion for the new year then look to some of the new emerging brands that have taken the fashion world by storm and start picking up some amazing fashion bargins.

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Affordable Lagenlook