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How to Buy Clothes for the Larger Lady – 3 Top Tips

Clothes for the larger lady.

Now is the time for fashion for the fuller figure. For so many years Fashion designers and manufactures seemed to think that unless you where a sample size or slightly bigger then you wouldn’t be interested in Fashion and certainly wouldn’t want to wear or be seen in anything fashionable.

All that has changed now though and over the last few years more and more designers seem to have woken up to the fact that plus size fashion is an ever expanding market and plus size shoppers want to be spending money on looking on trend and fashionable.


base layers


Where at one time most plus size fashion consisted of monochrome tent like affairs, that covered you from head to toe and showed no body shape at all, now there is a world of choice for the plus size shopper.



Partly due to the internet and fashion bloggers that have instilled their savvy sartorial sense on the world, the choice for the plus size shopper is bigger and better than ever before. Below are some of the key pieces for the larger lady.

How to Buy Clothes for the Larger Lady – 3 Top Tips

1.Knitwear. Go to knitwear is an absolute essential in anybody’s wardrobe. Knitwear will see you through the coldest days of the Winter right through into the Spring months . Choose styles that are a longer length and team over a pair of skinny jeans and boots.


boots grain wheat


Oversized knitwear comes in a whole selection of colours so if you are feeling daring go for a real pop of colour with yellow or mustard. For ladies who like to play it safe grey is always a classic colour that never goes out of fashion.


clothes for the larger lady

Clothes for the larger lady

2. Jeggings and treggings. Just because you are plus size doesn’t mean you should shy away from jeggings or treggings. Chose a pair in pleather or denim to really look on trend.


knitwear girl


Treggings are a versatile alternative to an ordinary trouser and look fabulous with long length tunics or over sized tops and jumpers. The beauty of wearing a piece that hugs the figure is that it gives you some shape and can really balance out the body. You don’t always want to hide under masses of material.


pink top worn with waistcoat


3. Think print. Did you ever think that you shouldn’t wear print and instead should go for plain designs that were always supposed to be more flattering? If so think again. Print is a great way of jazzing up an outfit. It is always on trend and working the right print in the right way can do wonders for your outfit and indeed your figure. Never be afraid to wear a print instead make it work for you.

How to Buy Clothes for the Larger Lady – Final Thoughts

Wearing any of the above pieces will give you a fashion forward wardrobe. This is only the start though as the most important thing is to wear each outfit with confidence, knowing that you look good. Fashion has moved on now and is for everyone so now is your time to go out and enjoy it.


blue tunic with scarf


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