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How to Wear the Coatigan? – Coatigan Fashion Uk

Why do you need Coatigans?

Winter is approaching and again that perennial problem arises about what type of Winter coat to buy for the coming months ahead. Unlike years ago when more people walked to work, school, shops, etc now we tend to go from central heated houses to warm cars to warm places of work without getting too cold, so shopping for Winter coats has become a bit of an ordeal. Do we go for a really heavy item that will be perfect for the depths of Winter ? Or do we just go for a light weight number and hope it stays mild throughout the Winter months.


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What are Coatigans?

There is an alternative to this conundrum and that is to invest in a coatigan. Coatigan’s have been around for the last few years and are a perfect alternative to a heavy Winter coat. They are a perfect blend of coat come cardigan as the name suggests and they have filled a gap in the market place amazingly well.


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The shops are full of these wonderful garments so there is plenty of choice on offer. The beauty of the coatigan is that you have the warmth of a Winter coat without all the weight . Designed as a hybrid of a coat and a cardigan they are a perfect blend of the two. Styles range from long and flowing to short and fitted. With a choice of wool blends, heavy cottons, knitted or fluffy there is a coatigan style for everyone.

As well as being really practical items for the Winter months the coatigan is also a really stylish addition to your wardrobe. A perfect alternative to a heavy coat for an evening out the high street is full of gorgeous coatigan that will really add style to your evening wear. The coatigan is a look you will see on a whole host of celebrities from Gwen Stefani to the Kardashians everyone is wearing them, they are the new must have pieces for your wardrobe.


How to Wear the Coatigan

How to Wear the Coatigan? – Final Thoughts

Whether you go for a coatigan in shades of grey an aztec print or tassels this is a look that will take you through the Winter months. They look great with skinny jeans if you go for a long flowing style as this will balance out your look. Once you have started wearing a coatigan you will find that it is your go to piece that you will want to wear again and again and you will wonder how you did without it. When you are looking for something to just throw on your coatigan will be the ideal piece and will see you all through the Winter months in a super stylish way.

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