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40 Plus Fashion for Ladies – Over 40 Fashion 2016

Fashion over Forty.

By the time most of us get into out forties we have a pretty good idea of what suits us and what doesn’t. Once in your forties you no longer feel the need to be a slave to fashion and instead find yourself wearing clothes that fit your lifestyle, flatter your figure and are
comfortable to wear.



That said, we still want to look fashionable and feel trendy and over the last decade more and more retailers are realising what an important market the forty plus woman is and are catering more and more to their needs and desires. Fashion over forty is now big business and now more than ever is a great time to be in your forties.


Ladies Fashion Knitwear Online

Ladies Fashion Knitwear Online


There are some rules once you get into your forties that you should really follow if you want to look and feel the best that you can. They are just a few simple things that you should do to make sure that the Fashions that you are wearing suit your age, lifestyle and
make you look fabulous.


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40 Plus Fashion for Ladies – 3 Top Tips

1. Get the fit right. One of the most important aspects about selecting an outfit is that it fits correctly. If anything is going to make you look badly dressed it is wearing something that is not the right fit. This starts from the very first items that you put on, your underwear.


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Make sure that you have the right size bra as the fit of undergarments is crucial to how the rest of your outfit will look. Then make sure that you are wearing the correct size as anything too big or too small is going to be obvious.Correctly fitting clothes are always going to give the figure a much better look and are going to be much more flattering.


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2. Don’t try too hard. Although it is important to still follow fashion you don’t need to be a slave to it and try to hard. One of the great things about Fashion over forty is that you know what suits you and what works for you so you can take certain pieces from current looks and adapt them to your own style. This will give you a classic stylish look without looking as if you are trying to hard.



3. Buy the best you can. The good thing about being in your forties for most people is that they have a more to spend on their clothes than when they were younger. With this in mind it is a good idea to buy the best you can for your budget.


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More expensive clothes will always have a better fit, materials that work better on the body and also will last much longer. Investing in some good classic pieces is always a wise move as they will stand the test of time.

40 Plus Fashion for Ladies – Final Thoughts

Fashion over forty should be about dressing with confidence, flattering your shape and feeling good about they way you look. Gone are the Fashion faux pas of younger decades, replaced with stylish elegant dressing ready to take you into your next chapter of life.


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