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Fashion Tips for Winter 2016 – 5 Hot Fashion Ideas

The winter season is here and this means covering up with layers and keeping yourself warm. Another feature of the winter fashion season is being noticed during the winter is a lot more difficult as opposed to the summer fashion season when you have many options
in respect of the styles you can wear and the actual individual items of clothing it is possible to wear. Trying to display your individual stying is a lot more challenging under winter jackets and coats. So presented here are 5 tips to really get you noticed during the winter
fashion season.


Lagenlook funnel neck coatigan brown

Fashion Tips for Winter 2016 – 5 Red Hot Tips

Tip 1) Layer up

It might seem obvious but there is a real art form to wearing layers fashionably. The popularity in recent years of “Lagenlook” (layered clothing) style is based on wearing layers in an extremely stylish way. This involves layering up in a particular way that will leave you
feeling both cosy and warm as well as on trend.


winter hat


Tip 2) Hats and Gloves

Wearing the right hats and gloves can occasion make or break a winter outfit. Be sure you’re hats and gloves are co-ordinated with the rest of your outfit. There is no point trying to look stylish if you are also sporting some outdated woolly monstrosity in respect of hats and gloves. Take the time and care needed to find gloves that will work perfectly with your overall look.



Tip 3) Leggings And Tights

Some ladies believe wearing leggings and tights in winter is an impossibility because of the freezing temperatures. However there are many mild days in the winter when it is possible to wear tights. If you feel it is just too cold for leggings you simply have the option of wearing tights underneath to keep your legs warm and enabling you to work in leggings to your ensemble. In respect of the colour of the leggings you should opt for black frequently seems the best option as it works with practically all outfits.




Tip 4) The Winter Coat

A coat is an essential in winter for the obvious reasons keeping you warm and the weather out. Coats however come in all types of different styles and it is important to make sure your coat works with your overall outfit. Long coats can keep you well protected but can equally look really stylish. Once you are inside you can reveal that beautiful fashionable evening dress that you’ve been desiring to showcase all night.



Tip 5) Winter Boots

Winter boots are a super stylish way to both protect yourself from the rain and snow and still look fantastic. You do need to be careful with your dress selection as will not work with everything. But boots also come in many different shapes and sizes from cute little ankle boots as well to the knee boots and paired with the right dress they can be a real head turner.


boots- brown

Fashion Tips for Winter 2016 – Conclusion

So there we have it 5 super hot tips for keeping you super warm and bang on trend this winter. So don’t let the elements impact on your ability to look fabulous this winter fashion season use the tips here and some ideas of your own. As always the important thing with your styling is be creative and have fun with designing your outfits this winter.


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Fashion Tips for Winter 2016