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Flattering Fashion Fuller Figure Styles

Styles for the Fuller figure woman.

As another round of fashion shows comes to a finish in the fashion capitals of the world, once more we are bombarded with a perception of tall, thin models being the only people who appear stylish in high fashion when this actually is not the situation in any respect.


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Although the foremost fashion houses provide for only smaller sizes, almost all of fashion retailers recognize and understand almost all of the buying public would not fit into the model sample sizes and so cater for a more practical size. Dressing a fuller figure is simply as trendy and could look just as beautiful, all that is required is the correct styling. For sure many clothes look a lot better on a person who has a curvaceous body and as a result it is a matter of dressing for your shape and working with what you possess to appear as good as you can.


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Flattering Fashion Fuller Figure Styles – Lagenlook

One kind of clothing that lends itself extremely well to the larger figure is the lagenlook “layered look” technique of dressing. Lagenlook has been on the fashion scene for the previous thirty years and is continuing to expand in popularity. It is known for its distinctive asymmetrical cuts and flowing lines, which are significantly complimentary for larger women as it offers you definition and a good silhouette.


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As a basic guideline, most of the designs in the lagenlook category begin from a size small going all the way through to xxl, therefore all sizes from the standard UK 10-20 are covered. Fairly frequently the less structured items will come in one size, again appropriate for everybody between UK 10-18 on average. The beauty of this is that for anybody shopping on-line, you can be confident that sizing won’t be a difficulty, as it is with very fitted designs.



The lagenlook way of clothing is inclined to make use of a lot of all-natural materials like cotton and also linen, although a number of the more intricate knitwear is usually viscose and polyester, therefore items maintain their shape as well as having plenty of stretch. The majority of lagenlook-style styles do not have constrictive button and zip fastenings, thereby removing the issue of accurate sizing, which may be problematic for the majority of people.


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The cut of a garment is also crucial and yet again this is a matter which developers of the lagenlook style understand exceptionally well. Smaller lapels on jackets are continually more flattering on a larger bust as is single breasted In contrast to double breasted jackets. Almost all of lagenlook-style jackets are cut in this way as a result will always be suitable for the larger figure.


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A good pair of trousers is continually vital for any clothing and lagenlook styles flatter the fuller figure lady. Trousers who are cut higher on the waist and with a flat front are an essential for the larger figure, also less pockets and detailing on the top of the pants to cause them to become not as bulky round the stomach region are continually an excellent suggestion.

Flattering Fashion Fuller Figure Styles – Final Thoughts

To conclude dressing for the fuller figure can be enjoyable and straightforward . There are lots of good quality retailers in the marketplace with many fantastic fashions at the present time , just go for a look which you know is suited to you and is straightforward to style and enjoy wearing.


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