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3 Hot Plus Size Fashion Trends for 2016

Fashion is constantly changing and sometimes it its hard to keep up. Just when you have got on board with what is hot for one season, the next season is upon us and it all changes again.



Therefore below are 3 hot fashion trends in the plus size market for Spring 2016. By mixing these trends into your existing wardrobe you will instantly be on trend without too much hassle and ready for the new season ahead.


Plus Size Fashion Trends for 2016

Plus Size Fashion Trends for 2016

3 Hot Plus Size Fashion Trends for 2016

1. Colour. The big plus size fashion trend for Spring 2016 is colour and colour used in different ways. Firstly colour as a contrasting or clashing look. This is a big trend this season and it is very easy to follow this look. Contrasting colours work really well together and
really inject a fresh look into your wardrobe.


Lagenlook Style for Spring Collections

Lagenlook Style for Spring Collections

You can contrast pieces from your current wardrobe with some new pieces of this season to instantly update your look. Bright colours are also a hot look for 2016. If you are brave enough go head to toe in bright shades but for those who aren’t quite so brave try adding a super bright accessory such as a scarf, piece of jewellery or bag. Which ever way you chose to go by adding a pop of bright colour to your out fit you will look bang on trend.



2. Prints. Always on trend this seasons prints are just what you need to instantly update your look. Go for prints with a hint of neon brightness to really refresh your look. Even just adding a simple scarf is a great way to introduce this trend to your wardrobe.


lagenlook tunic grey white


Although floral prints are often a staple for the Spring and Summer months why not try adding polka dots as an exciting alternative. If you are feeling really daring try clashing this seasons must have prints to add the real wow factor to your outfit.


schaerfsystem / Pixabay

schaerfsystem / Pixabay


3. Keep it tailored. The final trend for plus size fashion for Spring 2016 is tailored clothing. Think pencil skirts, jackets, fitted dresses. Anything that is fitted or tailored is on trend this Spring. This is a great fashion trend for the season ahead and it is one that always allows for a really flattering look.


dress to your body shape


Plus size ladies should always think about wearing more fitted garments anyway as they show the body shape much more than something big and over-sized, which in turn will always provide a much more streamlined look. This is a great look for day or evening wear. Tailored clothes will always show off your assets whilst helping to minimise your extras.


Hot Plus Size Fashion Trends for 2016 – Final Thoughts

So start getting ready for Spring 2016 by adding one or more of the above new season trends into your wardrobe. These quick and easy tips can fit easily into your existing wardrobe and will bring your look bang on trend .



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Plus Size Fashion Trends for 2016

How to Buy Clothes for the Larger Lady – 3 Top Tips

Clothes for the larger lady.

Now is the time for fashion for the fuller figure. For so many years Fashion designers and manufactures seemed to think that unless you where a sample size or slightly bigger then you wouldn’t be interested in Fashion and certainly wouldn’t want to wear or be seen in anything fashionable.

All that has changed now though and over the last few years more and more designers seem to have woken up to the fact that plus size fashion is an ever expanding market and plus size shoppers want to be spending money on looking on trend and fashionable.


base layers


Where at one time most plus size fashion consisted of monochrome tent like affairs, that covered you from head to toe and showed no body shape at all, now there is a world of choice for the plus size shopper.



Partly due to the internet and fashion bloggers that have instilled their savvy sartorial sense on the world, the choice for the plus size shopper is bigger and better than ever before. Below are some of the key pieces for the larger lady.

How to Buy Clothes for the Larger Lady – 3 Top Tips

1.Knitwear. Go to knitwear is an absolute essential in anybody’s wardrobe. Knitwear will see you through the coldest days of the Winter right through into the Spring months . Choose styles that are a longer length and team over a pair of skinny jeans and boots.


boots grain wheat


Oversized knitwear comes in a whole selection of colours so if you are feeling daring go for a real pop of colour with yellow or mustard. For ladies who like to play it safe grey is always a classic colour that never goes out of fashion.


clothes for the larger lady

Clothes for the larger lady

2. Jeggings and treggings. Just because you are plus size doesn’t mean you should shy away from jeggings or treggings. Chose a pair in pleather or denim to really look on trend.


knitwear girl


Treggings are a versatile alternative to an ordinary trouser and look fabulous with long length tunics or over sized tops and jumpers. The beauty of wearing a piece that hugs the figure is that it gives you some shape and can really balance out the body. You don’t always want to hide under masses of material.


pink top worn with waistcoat


3. Think print. Did you ever think that you shouldn’t wear print and instead should go for plain designs that were always supposed to be more flattering? If so think again. Print is a great way of jazzing up an outfit. It is always on trend and working the right print in the right way can do wonders for your outfit and indeed your figure. Never be afraid to wear a print instead make it work for you.

How to Buy Clothes for the Larger Lady – Final Thoughts

Wearing any of the above pieces will give you a fashion forward wardrobe. This is only the start though as the most important thing is to wear each outfit with confidence, knowing that you look good. Fashion has moved on now and is for everyone so now is your time to go out and enjoy it.


blue tunic with scarf


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Clothes for the Larger Lady

Plus Size Tunics Online – Finding Plus Size Tunic Dresses

Plus size tunic dresses have become a frequent part of the wardrobe for a lot of full figured ladies. One of the tunic’s considerable strong points is that it is an item which could be used in a range of situations. Today there are such a lot of fashionable styles that present a good benefit to other clothing items within your fashion collection. Plus size tunic dresses are created in a way that they are able to obscure those problem places and continue to look great. This is brought about through the dress draping almost to the middle of the thigh location permitting it to conceal any lumps that you would rather steer clear of inquiring looks.


DeeDee51 / Pixabay

Plus Size Tunics Online – Get the Right Size

Among the better things about Fuller figured tunics is that ladies of many different sizes may adorn them because they are so well styled. The tunics can be adorned with lots of different clothing items however possibly look the best when paired with leggings. This conjunction can offer you a slimmer look. To make this work effectively it is vital to pick the correct sized leggings which present you an ideal fit. If you look to put in heeled boots to this clothing outfit it can be together elegant and on trend.


Lagenlook tunic 7966 blue


These particular tunics arrive in many different styles and the shoulder off tunics besides the somewhat off shoulder tunics can deliver the feeling of covering up any specific surplus bump and enabling the all natural curvier character of your body to shine through. These tunic dresses have that aspect of permitting the body to breathe with no trouble devoid of feeling the requirement to be tugging at them which prevents them climbing up on the body.

Plus size tunic dresses can be among the most striking items you may wear as the variety is almost boundless. There is such a variety in the styles like vibrant colours and awesome prints for plus size women. Long sleeved tunic tops can be both suitable for many more formal and relaxed events. Plus size clothes which are designed just for laid-back occasions can be daring and very interesting.

Fashion accessories for Tunics

You may even wear tunics as a dress via wearing extremely good shoes and adding a unique piece of jewellry about your neck. You can also examine wearing truly long slim chains or perhaps the adding scarves to the complete fashion outfit can make the look fantastic. The variety of scarve you look to use can reveal your persona. As an illustration a simple coloured tunic could be enlivened with a bright and colourful scarf to give a high-style, on the edge look to the outfit. If your character dictates opt for more subtle kind of scarf thus go with whatever suits you.


Animals & Pets

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Finding Plus Size Tunic Dresses – Final Thoughts

You can find a wide selection of fashionable fuller figured tunic dresses in the market nowadays. You may currently purchase plus size tunic dresses which showcase the most modern of fashions. To meet the call for this sort of fashions, an increasing number of fashion labels are producing the newest plus size tunic dresses. The tunic dress is undoubtedly among the best liked and highly successful fuller figured clothing items. Be certain to take plenty of time and discover those extra special tunic dresses which will look utterly fabulous on you.


lagenlook tunic grey white


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Plus Size Tunics Online

Spring Clothing For the Fuller Figure – Fuller Figure Spring Styles

Spring clothes for the fuller figure.

Fashion is a huge business but more often the style business concentrates on really small sizes and dressing for model size figures not for the more realistic normal figures. This is usually not only very aggravating for consumers however in addition exceptionally short sighted as lets be honest most people are not size 8 although most individuals do want to appear stylish and dress within this seasons clothes.


Spring Clothing For the Fuller Figure – What is Hot

With the most common size in Britain being a size 16 its demonstrates that there are a good amount of ladies around with great purchasing power searching for fashion stockists which are serving their requirements. There are available a strong group of clothing suppliers that cater for all size ranges and that are trendy and stick to all the latest trends in fashion. Therefore let us take a look at what this clothing seasons Spring fashions are for women with a fuller figure.


Plus Size Layered Look


1. Bold Prints. Looking at most designers bold prints are huge news for this clothing season. Whether or not they are more low-key shades or mega brights daring prints are everywhere and are a really trendy and provide a complimentary look on ladies who have a fuller figure. The busy prints frequently create an optical illusion on the body. Clothing brands like Adini and Sandwich do gorgeous print designs in dresses, tunics and then tops and a print is an essential in everyone’s clothes collection, regardless of whether you go head to toe in print or simply choose top or bottom this is a style that will serve you well through the entire Spring season.


MaThoPa / Pixabay

MaThoPa / Pixabay


2. Trousers. An extremely great pair of trousers is essential in everybody’s clothing, it is simply a question of discovering the correct fit. For fuller figured women high waist plus a straight slim leg are extremely pleasing and one of the best fashion brands in the marketplace for trousers are Simclan. Their high waisted straight leg trousers are an essential in anyone’s clothing collection.



They actually have a flattering smooth panel at the front that hides any bulge and are elasticated at the waist although have a really deep waist to provide the most pleasing fit. These trousers give an exceptionally slimline silhouette and can give you the appearance of being a dress size smaller the you happen to be. Worn with flats, heels or perhaps boots they genuinely are an ideal trouser.



Suzy D Clothes Online

Suzy D Clothes Online

3.Tunics. A fashion trend which has been about for some years at the moment although shows no indication of going away. Tunics are ideal for any shape and size. They fall at a complimentary length and you’ll acquire great designs and cuts which compliment all places of the body from hip skimming a-line shapes all the way through to deep v neck lines which are complimentary for a fuller bust there are styles for everyone.


Lagenlook tunic 18379 burnt orange

Spring Clothing For the Fuller Figure – Final words

These clothing items are just some of the style trends around at the moment for women who have a fuller figure and bear in mind regardless of your shape or size there is always something perfect for you available .


Suzy D lagenlook top black


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Spring Clothing For the Fuller Figure