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Fashion Tips for Ladies Over 40 – 3 Top Style Tips

Top Fashion Tips for Women over 40.

Age is no barrier today for looking trendy and fashionable. Unlike people from previous generations who would get to middle age and feel that fashion was then not for them, now most people want to stay looking young and trendy.



This is all well and good but sometimes we all need a bit of advise as to what constitutes young and trendy and what is going to make us look like mutton dressed as lamb. Once we hit forty there are a few fashion tips to take heed of so that we continue to look fashionable but in age appropriate clothing. Below are the top tips to follow if you want to look fashionable in your forties.


Lagenlook Muriel blue scarf

Fashion Tips for Ladies Over 40 – 3 Top Style Tips

1. Don’t flash too much flesh. Once we get into our forties it is important to remember that not too much flesh should be on show. Even if you still have the figure of some one in their early twenties you don’t want to dress like that.


base layers


Always wear items that cover you up a little bit. Yes it is still perfectly acceptable to wear a shorter skirt but think about wearing thicker tights and boots or leggings. Also if you are going to wear a top that is a little lower cut then don’t wear a skirt that is short. Think of only showing a small amount of flesh at one time.


Vintage Actress Collage Edwardian Old Antique


2. Think about your colours. As we age our hair colour and skin tome automatically change. Once you are in your forties the youthful blush of your early years tends to go so it is important to think about what colours you choose to put next to your skin.


how to get the lagenlook

Although colour is still very flattering, think about colours that aren’t going to drain you of your own natural colour. Stay away from too many neon bright shades and think about swapping black for navy, brown or grey.

3. Modify your high fashion looks. You can still look young and trendy in your forties and still follow fashion, you just have to think about editing it a little bit more to make it age appropriated. Whilst in your teens and twenties you can get away with anything and still
generally look great in your forties you have to tame high fashion a little bit to make it work for you.


Eyes Woman Fashion Beautiful


Most retailers now understand that being in your forties plus is not old and so have started to cater a lot more for this age group. Skinny jeans will still look fabulous on someone in their forties just make sure that they are teamed with a longer length top for example.


Fashion Tips for Ladies Over 40 – Final Thoughts

Whilst you should never let your age stop you from looking and feeling fabulous you do have to think a little bit more about what you are wearing but with a small amount of research and some careful buying you can go into your forties looking and feeling amazing.


Fashion Tips for Ladies Over 40

Fashion Tips for Ladies Over 40


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Fashion Tips for Ladies Over 40

3 Spring Fashion Ideas 2016 New Spring Tips

Top tips for Spring Dressing.
New season clothes are just hitting the shops and online stores now and there are so many beautiful designs to choose from. Each season sees some key looks coming through from the catwalk and this year there are some really inspiring looks.



A key trick of clever styling is taking these pieces and making them work in your wardrobe now. The transitional period always involves some clever styling to inject the new season into your current wardrobe. Below are the top tips for Spring dressing.

3 Spring Fashion Ideas 2016

1. Use colour. One of the easiest and most effective ways of bringing a new season look into your current wardrobe is through the use of colour. Adding the new seasons colours into your wardrobe is an instant update that is so simple to do. Just pick on of the new seasons key colours and add it to your existing wardrobe.


Winter Accessories For Women

Winter Accessories For Women


For example neon brights are really on trend for this season. This is an instant colour update and by teaming it with greys it will suddenly update your look. You can inject a seasonal colour even in the simplest of ways with the use of a scarf or jewellery. With a colour this bright even the faintest pop of colour will really stand out.


plus size shopping online


2.Adding a dress. A Spring dress is another really simple way of fusing the new season with your current season. Choose the right style dress and you can start wearing it immediately.


Hot Plus Size Clothing Tips for Spring 2016

Hot Plus Size Clothing Tips for Spring 2016


Opt for a style that will work well with a legging and you can wear it instantly layered with boots and a chunky jumper. Even if you go for a design that is very Spring like with clever layering you can still work it with your Winter pieces.


Clothing Fashion Female


3. Clever coats. The transitional period between the Winter and Spring months is one of the hardest to pull off because there are still so many times that you will need to wear a coat . A coatigan is the easiest answer to this problem as it is a great weight for the days when it is not too cold but you still need a warm layer.


How to Layer for Winter Fashionably

How to Layer for spring Fashionably


If you chose a grey or neutral colour at this time of the year then you will still look fashion forward, just stay away from dark wintry colours as this will look so last season. A coatigan is such a versatile piece to have in your wardrobe that you will find you will be able to wear it all the way through the early Spring months.


3 Spring Fashion Ideas 2016

By adopting these tips above you can make a seamless transition into the new Season. Just choosing a couple of key pieces to add into your wardrobe and by wearing some of the new seasons key pieces you can very quickly look on trend whilst still keeping warm in the cooler Spring months.

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Spring Fashion Ideas 2016

Fashion Tips for Winter 2016 – 5 Hot Fashion Ideas

The winter season is here and this means covering up with layers and keeping yourself warm. Another feature of the winter fashion season is being noticed during the winter is a lot more difficult as opposed to the summer fashion season when you have many options
in respect of the styles you can wear and the actual individual items of clothing it is possible to wear. Trying to display your individual stying is a lot more challenging under winter jackets and coats. So presented here are 5 tips to really get you noticed during the winter
fashion season.


Lagenlook funnel neck coatigan brown

Fashion Tips for Winter 2016 – 5 Red Hot Tips

Tip 1) Layer up

It might seem obvious but there is a real art form to wearing layers fashionably. The popularity in recent years of “Lagenlook” (layered clothing) style is based on wearing layers in an extremely stylish way. This involves layering up in a particular way that will leave you
feeling both cosy and warm as well as on trend.


winter hat


Tip 2) Hats and Gloves

Wearing the right hats and gloves can occasion make or break a winter outfit. Be sure you’re hats and gloves are co-ordinated with the rest of your outfit. There is no point trying to look stylish if you are also sporting some outdated woolly monstrosity in respect of hats and gloves. Take the time and care needed to find gloves that will work perfectly with your overall look.



Tip 3) Leggings And Tights

Some ladies believe wearing leggings and tights in winter is an impossibility because of the freezing temperatures. However there are many mild days in the winter when it is possible to wear tights. If you feel it is just too cold for leggings you simply have the option of wearing tights underneath to keep your legs warm and enabling you to work in leggings to your ensemble. In respect of the colour of the leggings you should opt for black frequently seems the best option as it works with practically all outfits.




Tip 4) The Winter Coat

A coat is an essential in winter for the obvious reasons keeping you warm and the weather out. Coats however come in all types of different styles and it is important to make sure your coat works with your overall outfit. Long coats can keep you well protected but can equally look really stylish. Once you are inside you can reveal that beautiful fashionable evening dress that you’ve been desiring to showcase all night.



Tip 5) Winter Boots

Winter boots are a super stylish way to both protect yourself from the rain and snow and still look fantastic. You do need to be careful with your dress selection as will not work with everything. But boots also come in many different shapes and sizes from cute little ankle boots as well to the knee boots and paired with the right dress they can be a real head turner.


boots- brown

Fashion Tips for Winter 2016 – Conclusion

So there we have it 5 super hot tips for keeping you super warm and bang on trend this winter. So don’t let the elements impact on your ability to look fabulous this winter fashion season use the tips here and some ideas of your own. As always the important thing with your styling is be creative and have fun with designing your outfits this winter.


Lagenlook waterfall cardigan


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Fashion Tips for Winter 2016