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5 Top Tips for How to Wear a Ladies Neck Scarf?

5 Top tips on how to wear a ladies neck scarf.
We all know that a scarf can really make an outfit. They are one of fashions essential go to accessories. Scarves can be worn whatever the weather, not just for the cold winter months but even in the summer as well.



Although you could just drape a scarf around your shoulders or tie it in a knot around your neck, worn the right way a scarf can really transform an outfit into something really amazing. If you have never tried wearing a scarf in an unusual way its now time to try something completely different. Below are 5 fabulous and simple ways to wear a scarf.


How to Wear a Ladies Neck Scarf

How to Wear a Ladies Neck Scarf

How to Wear a Ladies Neck Scarf? – 5 Top Tips

1. Tucked into a belt. This tip is a really effective way to wear a scarf and a way that not many people think of wearing them. Take a skinny belt and a long length scarf , drape the scarf around your neck and then tuck the ends of the scarf into the belt. This trick looks really effective if worn with skinny pants and a basic t-shirt. It is a really individual way to wear a scarf but so simple to do.


Lagenlook scarf Corrina cream


2. The Infinity scarf. The infinity scarf is one that just goes around on itself with no beginning and no ending. This scarf is good over any outfit and with a large scarf can be very eye catching. If you don’t own an infinity scarf or can’t find one in the shops, you can make your own very simply by using a long narrow scarf and tying the ends together to create a large continuous loop.


Lagenlook Swift Green Scarf


3. Scarves for the hair. The fabulous thing about scarves is that they don’t just need to be worn with your clothes, they also look super effective when worn in your hair. Think of the Boho look, often small scarves are tied into the hair. If you wear your hair in a bun you can tie a small scarf around the top and for a really Romantic look try braiding a slim colourful scarf through a plait.


Russia Winter Outdoor


4. Around your waist. In the same way as tucking a scarf into your belt works, so does tying a scarf around your waist or threading one through the belt loops of a pair of trousers. This is another way of introducing some personality into your look and although very simple the end result is quite dramatic.


Neck Scarves Market Selection


5. As a sarong. If you have an especially large scarf it can very easily be turned into a sarong. This is a really good idea when going on holiday as it is a great space saver as you can have one item worn a number of ways. This way shows the ultimate versatility of scarves.


How to Wear a Ladies Neck Scarf? – Final Thoughts

Any of the above ideas are really fun, unusual ways of wearing scarves and demonstrate that there is so much more too them than just tying them in a loop around your neck. There are so many ways to wear scarves, these a just a fraction of the ways but start practising here and see how many other ideas you can come up with yourself.


Winter Accessories For Women

Winter Accessories For Women


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How to Wear a Ladies Neck Scarf?

3 Red Hot Ladies Fashion Trends for Spring 2016

Each season new and enticing Fashion Trends start making their way through from the catwalk shows from the previous Autumn. This is always a really exciting time in the Fashion world with stunning designs starting to appear in the shops and online websites up and
down the country. Lets take a look at three of the hot Fashion trends for the Spring 2016 season and what pieces to be seen in and buy.


Red Hot Ladies Fashion Trends for Spring

1. The 90s. One of the biggest trends to come out of the Autumn Fashion shows was the fashion scene from the 90s. This was a time when the likes of Kate Moss was the epitome of grunge. Remember her look of flimsy slip dress with grunge biker boots and an over-sized jacket ? Well its back. Think track suit bottoms, Suzy D do a really stylish pair that are fabulous for day wear but will also look amazing teamed with high heeled wedge boot and flimsy blouse for the evening.


lagenlook pants 153 black


Slip dress where also big on the cat walk for the Spring season so buying into this trend will see you ticking two sartorial boxes at once. This look is all about mismatching, over-sized manly boots and seriously feminine dresses work so well and man sized jackets with soft floaty dresses. This is a trend that will really let you stand out from the crowd and develop your own unique take on it.


Vintage Actress Collage Old


2. Stripes. Although a perennial favourite, stripes are big for Spring 2016. The majority of fashion designers showed stripes as part of the Spring 2016 collections and they are the thing to be seen in. So many people shy away from stripes thinking they can’t wear them
that they make them look bigger but choose wisely and stripes will bring real drama to your wardrobe.


Red Hot Ladies Fashion Trends for Spring 2016

3 Red Hot Ladies Fashion Trends for Spring 2016


Wendy Trendy have an amazing stripe hooded jacket for this season which is both practical and stylish. It looks amazing with jeans and pumps for casual day time wear and will be the sort of staple piece that you would need to have in your Spring wardrobe. Warm enough for the cooler days of the year this piece carries serious style credentials.



3. Accessories and all that glitters. Jewellery and accessories are seriously on trend this season and the more the better. This is not a season to be demure when it comes to accessorizing your outfit.


Lagenlook Muriel blue scarf


Think hats, scarves, necklaces, earrings even glasses the more you pile it high and layer layer layer the more on trend you are going to be. Its like stepping back in time to the seventies where bling and accessories ruled. This is such an easy trend to follow and you can really make this look your own.

Red Hot Ladies Fashion Trends for Spring 2016 – Final Thoughts

Hat Pink Women's Hat

Each of these on season trends is easy to adapt to everyday living and can be found very easily on the high street. The chances are you will have some really good basic pieces in your wardrobe that you can build each trend around but its still worth picking up some
of the statement pieces mentioned above.

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Ladies Fashion Trends for Spring 2016

Spring Jumpers for 2016 – New Spring Fashion Trends

Spring Jumpers to be Wearing Now.

As Spring approaches we all need those essential items in our wardrobes that are going to see us through the last days of Winter and into early Spring. This is a time of the year when it can go suddenly cold or surprisingly mild so the weather can really keep us on our sartorial toes. When the weather is like this there is one item of clothing that everybody needs in their wardrobe and that is the essential jumper.


New Spring Season Jumpers

Spring Jumpers for 2016 – New Spring Season Jumpers

Who doesn’t love a jumper? They can take you from casual to smart, can be thick and chunky or light weight and luxurious. They are perfect for everyday wear but can be smart enough to wear in the evening. In short they are something that we all need whether as something just thrown on casually or a chic addition to your outfit.


Jeans Fashion Ruptured


They will probably be one of the easiest items to work with in your wardrobe as they can be teamed with jeans for a casual look or a fitted skirt for a business look. Choose wisely and a jumper can add the real wow factor to your wardrobe so here are a couple to grab while they are still available.



1. Suzy D grey and white long length jumper. This super soft fabulously cut jumper is a must have to take you right through to the Spring months. You can team it with skinny jeans for a casual lunch date or a more tailored pair of trousers if you are looking for a smarter outfit.


Spring Jumpers for 2016

Spring Jumpers for 2016


The colour is perfect for everyone as grey is a colour that is not for just the Winter months but works amazingly well for the Spring time. The material is just so soft and comfortable you will want to wear it all the time. This is an absolute must have in your wardrobe so grab one before they all go as this will be something that you will pull out time and time again over the coming months.

2. Suzy D long length blue jumper. Another classic from Suzy D who do knit wear so well. Again this super soft jumper is something that you will fall in love with. The press stud back fastening means it can be worn in different ways and the classic loose shape makes it flattering for anyone regardless of body shape.


Lagenlook jumper blue

Lagenlook jumper blue


Over-sized jumpers are always seen as a chic fashionable look, think Vctoria Beckham who is often spotted in over-sized knit wear. Navy blue is always such a classic colour that goes so well with everything. This jumper is ideal for a chilled relaxed look for day and will be one that will be a real go to in your wardrobe.


Vintage Flapper Paris

Spring Jumpers for 2016 – Final Thoughts

So choose a jumper wisely and nothing will work harder for you in your wardrobe. Forget about jumpers being frumpy pieces to wear when nobody sees us, a really great jumper will work so well with on trend pieces and is an absolute must in your Spring wardrobe.


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Spring Jumpers for 2016

Accessorizing Tips – Tips for Accessorizing an Outfit

Accessorizing your outfit.

Every now and then we are all looking for something to jazz up an existing outfit. Maybe because you are looking for something new to wear and can’t afford a whole outfit or maybe you have a particular favourite and want to give it a new look. Whatever the reason,
investing in pieces that will easily transform an item that you already own is a quick, simple way of updating something.


Accessorizing Tips - Tips for Accessorizing an Outfit

Accessorizing Tips – Tips for Accessorizing an Outfit


There are so many different accessories out there at the moment that you really can be spoilt for choice as to what to buy and how to style it. below are some handy top tips for buying accessories and how they can transform your wardrobe.


Jewellery Fashion Jewelry Shiny Decorative Chain

Accessorizing Tips – Tips for Accessorizing an Outfit

1. Invest in scarves. Of all the different types of accessories that are on the market, the scarf really has to be the easiest and most versatile way to transform an item of clothing that you all ready have. They come in such a huge variety of sizes, colours and designs that you can always find one that you are looking for. The choice of scarves ranges from simple skinny scarves to large pashminas with many other styles in between and they really can add some style to what you are wearing.



Another plus side to a scarf as an accessory is that they are warm in the cooler months and of course the added bonus that one size fits all. If you have a plain outfit colour and variety can easily be injected it by choosing a colourful print design. You can also pull out a colour of an outfit by wearing the same colour scarf and finally scarves will always give your outfit a polished, finished look. By simply draping a beautiful scarf around your shoulders you can easily transform anything that you are wearing in a very simple and inexpensive way.



2. Jewellery. Much in the same way that scarves can transform what you are wearing, so can jewellery. You need not be limited to everything in simple gold and silver metals and colours, jewellery now comes in a wealth of designs, materials and colours. From big, bold chunky beads to fun colourful fabrics and materials, there are designs out there to suit all styles and tastes.


Jewellery Red Nails Hand Cross Ring


Nothing looks as good on an outfit sometimes as a bold chunky beaded necklace. The beauty of jewellery is that your personality will really show through with the styles that you choose and of course each outfit will be unique to you. You can be as daring or as minimal as you like and can change your look and style very simply.


Scarf Close Market Colorful

Accessorizing Tips – Tips for Accessorizing an Outfit – Final Words

As demonstrated above the use of accessories in your wardrobe can easily and cheaply transform anything that you want to wear. Jewellery and scarves can give every outfit you create a look that is specific to just you and you can experiment easily with new
styles and looks. You can update old pieces and inject shots of high fashion in the most simple of ways just by adding a scarf or necklace to what you are wearing.


lagenlook peyton green scarf


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Tips for Accessorizing an Outfit

Suzy D Clothing Stockists – The Art of Lagenlook Layering

Chic basics for your wardrobe it has to be Suzy D.

Every once in a while you can stumble across something that has a huge impact on you and for me that is Suzy D clothing. I am a real lover of lagenlook clothing or the layered look as I find it is a style of dressing that really lets me experiment with different looks and always means that I am wearing something that stands out from the crowd.


 lagenlook top suzy d grey

Suzy D Clothing Stockists Clothing

Over the last few years there has been a huge amount of lagenlook style clothing about but all too often it has seemed some what repetitive but with Suzy D it is completely different. They pride themselves on giving the customer the best of Italian feminine styling by offering chic basics and staple wardrobe essentials and this really is true. Take a look through some of the pieces that this company has to offer and you will find a whole host of gorgeous pieces ready to spice up your Winter wardrobe.



Suzy D really know the secret to layering at its best, building up an outfit to create something simple yet stunning. The have a whole host of essential basics to do just this. To create the perfect look start of with a really simple basic piece such as a skinny t-shirt or vest top, make sure this first layer is a slim fit as with the layered look the idea is to create a stylish silhouette and not add too much bulk so you end up making yourself look bigger than you are.

Next layer could be a tunic in a contrasting colour or texture that will really start building up the layers.Then increase the layers by adding a cardigan or an on trend poncho and finish off with a scarf or a fabulous statement necklace. When finished you will have created your perfect look.


Alexas_Fotos / Pixabay


Their collection is constantly up dated so there is always something new and exciting coming through so there are always new pieces to get excited about. You can start building up your wardrobe piece by piece knowing you can really add to it with a new complimentary addition.


Lagenlook top 15164 black


The real beauty of dressing the Suzy D way is that the layers are all simple and versatile, muted shades and good fabrics that create the perfect layered styling. Fabrics, colours and prints that compliment each other instead of working against each other and simple styles that will fit into your existing wardrobe.By styling with Suzy D you can achieve a perfect layered look that will really make you stand out from the crowd.

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Suzy D Clothing Stockists

Sandwich Clothing Autumn Winter 2015 Top Buys

At the time we begin to move into the latter stages of the Autumn/Winter months our thoughts automatically look to our wardrobes and what we shall be wearing over the approaching season. We require to decide which items we will be able to keep hold of in our clothes collection from the existing season and what pieces need replacing or alternatively what pieces we desire to purchase. With this in mind presented here are the top ideas for Autumn dressing this clothing season and for what key pieces you have to make an investment in for the coming months.

Sandwich Clothing Autumn Winter 2015 Best Buys

1. The Jacket. This season one of the key looks for Autumn winter season is a jacket. More versatile in contrast to a long heavy coat, this seasons jackets will maintain you warm and cosy on cool days with out being overly heavy and bulky and if you purchase the right style then they are able to still be smart and trendy.



Two styles to select from is the tweed short jacket. Straightforward to style with jeans and boots for a casual look or with a brilliant shift dress and heels for a more formal look. One more style jacket is the long zebra print jacket. The longer length is straightforward to adorn in both a casual or formal way over trousers or otherwise dresses and skirts. The flattering cut causes it to be a vital item to reside in your Autumn/Winter wardrobe.


Sandwich clothing pants 551377-16247 warm grey


2. The Trousers. Still greatly crucial within your clothes collection, the correct trousers will take you from day to nighttime fairly effortlessly and are good work or leisure wear. This season remains all about the long straight leg ideal to wear with either ankle or long length boots and an extremely flattering fit for many figures. Wear with jackets or perhaps tunics depending on the appearance you are creating, an excellent pair of trousers is a clothing essential.


Sandwich clothing dress 591465-14422


3. The Dress. Following a few years away the dress is genuinely back on trend in a big way. Always complimentary and adaptable, the dress is ideal wear for a day at the office, dine with friends or an evening out and with clever buying you can purchase a dress that does all three dependent on how you style it.



Some of this seasons favourites have amazing prints and colors , pair with long boots or heels, leggings or dramatic colored tights, dress your dress your way to create your own feeling of style.

Sandwich Clothing Autumn Winter 2015 Top Buys – Final Words

Therefore if you’re looking to refresh a number of your favorite clothing outfits this season all you have to do is make an investment in a number of essential items that will really bring up to date your clothing and your look for the approaching months arriving.

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Sandwich Clothing Autumn Winter 2015

Internet Plus Size Fashion Tips and Advice

For those who possess a plus sized body shape can be a real problem when you go out shopping for clothing outfits. Simply identifying a shop that sells good plus size clothing is one matter not to mention one which has the styles you like. Going to the shops for plus size clothing should not be a difficult task it should be easy to find a fashion boutique which not merely supplies plus size clothing, but one that has a complete line of fashion clothing which are suitable for your body style that and is able to increase your self belief.

Internet Plus Size Fashion Tips and Advice – The solution

Nowadays however, there exist many hundreds of plus size online shopping web sites in these online shops you may discover the ideal clothing outfits which are appropriate for practically every social occasion. Shoppers, today do not wish to be of squandering their valuable time and cash by way of driving about their regional shopping malls to discover plus size clothes. If you discover the right internet sites can buy all the plus size clothing outfits from internet plus size clothing shops from the comfortable surroundings of your home.


Lagenlook tunic 7966 blue

The merchants have reacted to this mounting need within the market place and smart business people have moved in to plug the gap by presenting internet shopping for plus size clothes and plus size clothing shops are satisfying the vast market which is the plus sized customer. Competition is strong among the internet boutiques and the cleverest women customers are aware of the advantages of preserving both money and their time within their retail behavior. Upon surfing the online world, you can stumble upon a broad number of plus size dresses, tunics pants and possibly various of lingerie and special occasion wear.

The essential matter that you feel great wearing that plus size clothing you recently purchased on the internet. You have to consider that sizes of clothes created via one particular plus size clothing maker can be different from other ones. Possibly the most critical aspect in selecting items to buy is the characteristic of feeling comfortable. If you happen to be comfortable with the outfits you are wearing, it does not matter if it’s plus size clothing or otherwise any other size of clothing.

Even though a bulk of e-stores have extensive policies for accepting the return of products, it is even so a good suggestion to glance at the small print. The final pointer I will present you is this be certain to review an internet stores’ return procedures previous to buying any plus size clothes you long for. Being dressed in respect to your body shape is the definite first rule of looking beautiful and stylish. Colours and patterns compliment different body shapes in a distinct way, so it is essential to pick plus size clothing appropriately. As opposed to merely opting for stylish clothes, it is essential to discover clothing that will in reality look beautiful on a specific body shape.


Lagenlook tunic 73151S pink/white

Internet Plus Size Fashion Tips and Advice – Final Thoughts

A lot of people consider that plus size style is achieved via wearing outfits which makes the most of your finest aspects and lessens those elements you do not like. While that may be a good guideline , it’s even more critical to find plus size fashion suggestions that help you to obtain natural balance within your body shape.

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lagenlook Plus Size Fashion

Fashionable Plus Size Womens Clothing – Fuller Figure Fashion

Fashions for the Fuller figure woman.

As yet another period of fashion shows comes to a finish in the fashion capitals of the world, again we’re bombarded with an image of tall, thin models being the only individuals who look gorgeous in high fashion when this actually is not the situation in any respect.


Accessorizing Tips - Tips for Accessorizing an Outfit

Accessorizing Tips – Tips for Accessorizing an Outfit


Though the major fashion houses cater for merely slighter sizes, the majority of fashion retailers know and perceive most of the buying public wouldn’t fit into the model sample sizes and so provide for a more realistic size.




Dressing a larger figure is simply as fashionable and can look simply as gorgeous, all that is needed is the right styling. Unquestionably a number of clothes look much better on a person who has a curvaceous body and therefore it is a matter of dressing for your shape and using what you possess to look as good as you can.


lagelook pants navy



One particular style of clothing which lends itself very well to the larger figure is the lagenlook “layered look” way of dressing. Lagenlook has been on the style scene for the previous thirty years and is continuing to expand in popular appeal. It is known for its distinctive asymmetrical cuts and flowing lines, which are significantly complimentary for larger ladies as it offers you definition and a great silhouette.



As a general rule, most of the styles in the lagenlook category start from a size small going all the way through to xxl, consequently all sizes from the standard UK 10-20 are covered. Fairly often the less structured items will are available one size, again appropriate for everybody between UK 10-18 on average. The great thing about this is that for any person shopping on-line, you can be assured that sizing will not be a problem, as it is with extremely fitted designs.


Lagenlook funnel neck coatigan brown


The lagenlook way of clothing has a tendency to make use of a good amount of all natural materials such as cotton and also linen, though some of the more intricate knitwear is often viscose and polyester, so items maintain their shape besides having plenty of stretch. The majority of lagenlook-style fashions do not have constrictive button and zip fastenings, thus removing the difficulty of accurate sizing, which may be problematic for most people.


Lagenlook two piece tunic brown


The cut of a garment is in addition important and yet again this is something that developers of the lagenlook style perceive very well. Smaller lapels on jackets are always more complimentary on a greater bust as is single breasted In contrast to double breasted jackets. Almost all of lagenlook-style jackets are cut in this way consequently will always be suitable for the larger body shape.



An excellent pair of trousers is always crucial for any clothes and lagenlook designs flatter the fuller figure lady. Trousers who are cut higher on the waist and with a flat front are an essential for the fuller figure, additionally fewer pockets and detailing on the very top of the pants to cause them to be not as bulky around the abdomen area are always an excellent idea.


layered clothing styles and looks

Fashionable Plus Size Womens Clothing

In concluding dressing for the larger figure can be pleasurable and straightforward . There are lots of good quality retailers in the marketplace with many great fashions right now , simply opt for a look that you recognize suits you and is easy to style and enjoy wearing.


Lagenlook Style for Spring Collections

Lagenlook Style for Spring Collections


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Fashionable Plus Size Womens Clothing

Lagenlook Womens Clothing for the Winter – 5 Hot Fashion Ideas

Five ways to look fantastic this Winter.

If you are looking for ways to update your Winter wardrobe and look stylish as the cold weather starts to take hold then carry on reading to discover five ways to look truly fabulous this season.


Red Hot Ladies Fashion Trends for Spring 2016

Red Hot Ladies Fashion Trends for 2016


1 Invest in some new accessories. Accessories are an absolute must in any stylish wardrobe, they are the easiest and most versatile way of dressing up any outfit and giving your style a simple makeover.




An eye-catching scarf or a statement necklace can turn a plain outfit into something amazing and the beauty of investing in accessories is they are often inexpensive and can be adapted to many different pieces in your wardrobe. Scarves look great all year round but that extra layer can come in very useful in the colder months, particularly if you are wearing a top or dress with an open neckline.


Lagenlook Style Clothing

Lagenlook Style Clothing


2 Buy a little black dress. Everybody knows what LBD means but how many of us haven’t invested in this most crucial of wardrobe staples, especially at this time of year when you are often attending a host of parties and need an outfit that is your go- to piece for any occasion. Lagenlook-style dresses are great as they tend to have a very simple cut, which lends itself well to layering.



Lagenlook dress black


You could wear a classic lagenlook-style black dress over your favourite trousers or with a pair of boots for a more casual look. The LBD is a classic look that you can pull out year after year and if you go for a simple paired-down look it will be something that never dates. Just simply update it with some new jewellery or perhaps add a little jacket over the top to give it a different look.



3 Make sure you have a great pair of trousers. Like the LBD everybody needs to have a good pair of trousers. By that I mean something that works well for either casual or formal wear and that really accentuates your figure, whilst also being comfortable to wear, looks great with boots and flats and always hold their shape well. A great pair of trousers will take you from day to evening and will be something that you will wear all winter long, so it really is important to invest in this item.


suzy d trousers


4. Treat yourself to a few pieces of gorgeous knitwear. Although knitwear is something that is worn all year round, the winter months is when it is essential to have some truly great knitwear.

girl-cold freeze


Lagenlook style knitwear is ideal as there is always a great range on offer each season and the prices are always very reasonable, meaning you can update any worn-out pieces without going to great expense. Open-fronted cardigans are very versatile and work well on all body shapes and a casual jumper is an absolute essential.


Ladies Fashion Knitwear Online

Ladies Fashion Knitwear Online


5. Invest in a tunic. They have been hugely popular with women of all ages for some years now and this shows no signs of slowing down. It is one item of winter clothing that will make you look fantastic. A great tunic can be worn with leggings or over trousers and is a really versatile item of clothing to have in your wardrobe.



Whether you go for something simple and classic or a bit more dressy, a tunic is an easy go- to item that will see you through the winter months. It is a simple item to layer up with an open-fronted cardigan or a jacket.


How to Buy a Hot Dress Online

How to Buy a Hot Dress Online

Lagenlook Womens Clothing for the Winter – Final Words

Winter dressing is the perfect time for experimenting with layers and having fun putting outfits together. So if you are looking for some easy ways to update your winter wardrobe, these key pieces will have you on the right track.


trans seasonal dressing

trans seasonal dressing


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Lagenlook Womens Clothing

Lagenlook Clothing – Using Layering to make that Special Look

Layering can be elegant and trendy when it is carried out correctly. It is additionally convenient for use in a diverse number social events. Continue reading to discover the exciting ways for how you can actually make wearing layers work successfully for yourself. While layering your clothes, make an attempt to pick clothing items which are produced from an assortment materials.


How to Buy a Hot Dress Online


Performing this action adds more appeal to the total look which you are trying to attain. Certain materials which can be ideal for this look are those such as denim, velvet and cotton. You additionally have the potential of wearing in layers numerous colours or alternatively you could choose to keep to the same colour although have it in diverse number of shades.


Fabric Wool Textile Texture Pattern Material

Lagenlook Clothing Style

Be certain to opt for well made pieces when layering clothing. Fairly basic clothes with defined lines can be flattering to the larger body shape. Decide on clothing items with details which deliver form. Generally, the more seams a piece of clothing possesses, the more perfect it will look on someone with a curvacious body shape.



Whilst you think of wearing your clothes in layers, you typically consider the very practical aspect of staying warmer during the winter. Nevertheless, you may furthermore layer outfits for your spring fashion season and the summer season styles in addition. Layering clothing has the potential for really enhancing your fashion look for the spring season and summer seasons. Layering your outfits is additionally a fantastic means to give life to many essential items in your wardrobe and offer them an entirely new distinctive look.


Hot Plus Size Clothing Tips for Spring 2016


In your lagenlook clothing style be sure to employ color to your benefit. Dark looking colors maintain a slimming impact whereas lighter colors can offer you the look of abundance. This element does not precisely signify that you may merely adorn dark looking colors but It implies that you ought to use colors for tricking the world in how you are perceived.


hat Scarves Sunglasses -783146_960_720


Highlight aspects of your body that you approve of together with lighter and bright shades. Understate those particular things you don’t desire to exhibit with darker looking, softer shades of clothing. You may additionally make use of colour within your clothing collection for revealing your frame of mind and your unique persona. Why not be daring and use adventurous colour combinations to provide a dramatic effect.


Lagenlook tunic 18379 burnt orange
Layering clothing is a fantastic way to develop a brand new style for your clothes collection. A basic contribution of a scarf or jacket together with one another might go a long way in altering positively the overall effect of your clothing outfit. Wearing layers affords you the chance to blend and coordinate all your garments, the brand new ones together with the older ones. It presents you a good reason to employ that old top which could be gathering dust particles at the back of your wardrobe.



While wearing layers consider the colour plan you desire to bear in mind. And while you consider not every colour will work together acceptably with one another, you’ll be amazed to observe what results you truly end up with using a little experimentation. Choose a foundation colour, for example black and white can usually work as dependable selections. Following this put in more colours from this point, use some vibrant colours which are fantastic for layering your outfits however be certain not to go crazy.


Hot Spring Fashion Trends for Ladies


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Lagenlook Clothing