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5 Top Tips for How to Wear a Ladies Neck Scarf?

5 Top tips on how to wear a ladies neck scarf.
We all know that a scarf can really make an outfit. They are one of fashions essential go to accessories. Scarves can be worn whatever the weather, not just for the cold winter months but even in the summer as well.



Although you could just drape a scarf around your shoulders or tie it in a knot around your neck, worn the right way a scarf can really transform an outfit into something really amazing. If you have never tried wearing a scarf in an unusual way its now time to try something completely different. Below are 5 fabulous and simple ways to wear a scarf.


How to Wear a Ladies Neck Scarf

How to Wear a Ladies Neck Scarf

How to Wear a Ladies Neck Scarf? – 5 Top Tips

1. Tucked into a belt. This tip is a really effective way to wear a scarf and a way that not many people think of wearing them. Take a skinny belt and a long length scarf , drape the scarf around your neck and then tuck the ends of the scarf into the belt. This trick looks really effective if worn with skinny pants and a basic t-shirt. It is a really individual way to wear a scarf but so simple to do.


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2. The Infinity scarf. The infinity scarf is one that just goes around on itself with no beginning and no ending. This scarf is good over any outfit and with a large scarf can be very eye catching. If you don’t own an infinity scarf or can’t find one in the shops, you can make your own very simply by using a long narrow scarf and tying the ends together to create a large continuous loop.


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3. Scarves for the hair. The fabulous thing about scarves is that they don’t just need to be worn with your clothes, they also look super effective when worn in your hair. Think of the Boho look, often small scarves are tied into the hair. If you wear your hair in a bun you can tie a small scarf around the top and for a really Romantic look try braiding a slim colourful scarf through a plait.


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4. Around your waist. In the same way as tucking a scarf into your belt works, so does tying a scarf around your waist or threading one through the belt loops of a pair of trousers. This is another way of introducing some personality into your look and although very simple the end result is quite dramatic.


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5. As a sarong. If you have an especially large scarf it can very easily be turned into a sarong. This is a really good idea when going on holiday as it is a great space saver as you can have one item worn a number of ways. This way shows the ultimate versatility of scarves.


How to Wear a Ladies Neck Scarf? – Final Thoughts

Any of the above ideas are really fun, unusual ways of wearing scarves and demonstrate that there is so much more too them than just tying them in a loop around your neck. There are so many ways to wear scarves, these a just a fraction of the ways but start practising here and see how many other ideas you can come up with yourself.


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How to Wear a Ladies Neck Scarf?