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How to Style a Lagenlook Dress

Lagenlook styling has been incredibly popular over the last few years and it is very easy to understand why. This style that originated in Japan over thirty years ago has become something of a must when it comes to easy, uncomplicated styling.

The layered look is a particularly easy look to create and is a fashion style that suits everybody. Further more, it is a style that you can really add your own sense of flair to and it isn’t an especially expensive style to follow.

There are a large number of good quality brands around that will not break the bank but that produce some beautiful styles. One of the most popular items in the Lagenlook wardrobe is the dress. This most versatile of outfits is always a great seller, so below I am going to look at the best ways of styling some of the amazing Lagenlook dresses available at the moment.



How to style a Lagenlook Dress

1. Wendy Trendy T-Shirt Dress.  This has to be one of my favourite Lagenlook dresses around at the moment because it is such a simple yet versatile design. Made from 100% cotton and available in a number of colours this dress can be worn in so many different ways.


How to style a Lagenlook Dress

How to style a Lagenlook Dress

It can be worn loose over a pair of leggings, skinny pants or harem style pants for a simple, casual look. It can also be styled with a belt to give it more definition and to add a different look completely. You can style it with a t- shirt under or a cardigan over to give it a really layered look. Simple yet infinitely practical this is a must have in your Spring Lagenlook wardrobe.

2. Lagenlook zipped pocket tunic.  This is another fabulous dress for Lagenlook styling. The cut and detail of this dress create a real sense of interest. A good colour for the Spring months that will take lots of other colours to it, this is a simple yet stylish design.


How to style a Lagenlook Dress

How to style a Lagenlook Dress

This dress can be styled with leggings or trousers and an ankle or long boot for this time of the year but will also look great in the warmer summer months with a cropped legging and sandals. It is light weight for the warmer days but can easily be layered up with warmer knit wear or jackets during the cooler months of Spring.

A flattering colour that will suit most skin tones, this is another really easy Lagenlook dress to style and one that you can pull out of your wardrobe time and time again for different occasions.




3. Accessories.  One thing to really think about when styling your Lagenlook dresses is the use of accessories. Think about what scarves and necklaces you have to go with each dress and the different ways that you can style them.


How to style a Lagenlook Dress

How to style a Lagenlook Dress

A scarf will always set off any outfit, whether it is a big chunky scarf or a light weight style. Choose prints and colours that are going to harmonise your outfits, the same with jewellery. There are so many looks to pick whether they are beads, metal or fabric designs, selecting the right accessories will really complement your outfit.


How to style a Lagenlook Dress – Final Words.

With so much choice around, now is the ideal time to start selecting some of the best pieces the shops have to offer for this season and start styling some of these amazing dresses in your own way.

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How to style a Lagenlook Dress


3 Top Lagenlook Styles for Spring Dressing

3 Top Lagenlook pieces for Spring Dressing.

With the Winter months now behind us it is time to start thinking about our Spring wardrobe for the coming months ahead. This is one of the nicest times of the year, full of anticipation of the warm months to come. That said there can still be some chilly days during the early Spring months and so outfits should be selected with this in mind.



If you are fan of Lagenlook or layered dressing then this is perfect for you as the changing seasons work perfectly for layered dressing. I have selected three key pieces below that are worth investing in for the Spring season as they are perfect pieces for styling your Lagenlook Spring wardrobe.


3 Top Lagenlook Styles for Spring Dressing

1. Wendy Trendy striped jacket. This striped jacket from Wendy Trendy is the most ideal piece to have for your Spring Lagenlook wardrobe. The weight and warmth are ideal for the early Spring months. This is a piece that is perfect for Spring days when you are looking for something casual to wear but don’t want a heavy coat.


Lagenlook Styles for Spring Dressing

Lagenlook Styles for Spring Dressing


Its super stylish when teamed with jeans a basic t-shirt and converse shoes. You can really layer it up for chilly days with a light weight knit and the hood and striped design make it ultra fashionable. This is a piece you can pull out time and time again.

2. Wendy Trendy long length cotton dress. This dress is another must have piece for your Spring Lagenlook wardrobe. The long length means it works well with long boots or ankle boots at this time of the year. Made from a heavy jersey cotton means that there is plenty
of warmth in it for the cooler Spring months.


Latest Ladies Fashion Dresses


It comes in a selection of Spring pastel shades which are all very flattering. This is a super, simple dress that is great for casual dressing but is something that you could easily adapt for a smarter occasion. Perfect styled with a scarf or jewellery this is a real go to dress.

3. Suzy D grey and cream knit. Knit wear is an absolute essential for the early Spring months and this super soft Suzy D is a piece that really should be invested in. The cut and style are super flattering and the grey and cream colours are ideal for this time of the year.


Spring Jumpers for 2016


Perfect to wear teamed with either a skinny pant or a harem pant this jumper is an essential piece for Lagenlook Spring day wear. It is light weight so can be worn under jackets but in the warmer weather it is perfect on its own.


3 Top Lagenlook Styles for Spring Dressing – Final Words

Any of the three pieces above are ideal pieces to start your Spring Lagenlook wardrobe with. They are all very versatile, flattering and easy to wear pieces, that can be styled in any number of ways which makes them all must have items in your wardrobe for the coming
months ahead.

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Lagenlook Styles for Spring

How to Wear the Lagenlook Dress – Styling Lagenlook Dresses

How to wear the Lagenlook dress.

Each season items come into stores that are the perfect piece to have because they are so versatile and can be worn in so many different ways and one such piece is the Lagenlook long dress. This is such a great item to have in your wardrobe because it opens up so many possibilities for outfits and is a piece that you can go back to time and time again. Lets take a look at the different ways this super versatile dress can be worn and styled.


How to Wear the Lagenlook Dress

How to Wear the Lagenlook Dress

How to Wear the Lagenlook Dress – Top Styling Ideas

1. The ultimate layering piece. This dress is the ultimate layering piece for your wardrobe. The long length means it is perfect to wear with ankle boots or long length boots, either will look fantastic. To get the most out of its layering potential, take your long length dress and add a chunky jumper over the top finish off with a long length necklace or oversized scarf. This look is cozy and casual and is great for the day time.



If you want a smarter look then take your long length dress and a short cropped jacket, neat cotton scarf and an across the body bag. Finish with ankle boots for a perfect more casual look. The beauty of this style of dress is that it is easy to wear and very flattering to everyone.




2. Think about your colour. This style of dress comes in many different colours and at the price point that it comes in at you can afford to have it in two different colours. Why not choose a super bright colour such as red that will add a real pop of colour into your wardrobe. This colour is a great colour for the day time and can be styled with creams or whites and also blacks and greys. Adding colour to your wardrobe will really add a fresh fun look to it and red is a colour that is always in fashion.



An alternative colour to go for in the same style dress is black. Having a dress in black means that you have the perfect piece for evening wear. Team it with high heeled boots, some eye popping jewellery and a smart jacket and you have a perfect outfit for evening wear. Again black is a classic colour and everyone needs a black dress for their wardrobe because they are so versatile and will never date.



How to Wear the Lagenlook Dress – Final Thoughts

So by having this super versatile dress in your wardrobe you can see from the examples above how easy and versatile this dress is to wear. This really is the perfect layered dress because it can be styled in so many different ways for day or evening wear and is comfortable and flattering to wear. This will be a dress that you can pull out time and time again and one that you know will never go out of style and more importantly, it is a style that lets you create your own unique looks and outfits.


Lagenlook dress red


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