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Lagenlook plus size style tips for Spring

Lagenlook styling has become increasingly popular over the last few years as it is a simple yet effective way of disguising those unwanted lumps and bumps of the body.

The trend has spread rapidly in the plus size clothing market because of the ease of styling but there are one or two points to remember when styling Lagenlook clothing for plus size because if not styled correctly in can have a tendency to make a person look larger than they actually are.


Unsplash / Pixabay

Unsplash / Pixabay


If you are unsure about how to dress in the Lagenlook style then follow the tips below and you will soon discover how easy it is and how great you can look.




Lagenlook plus size style tips for Spring


1. Dress for your body shape. No matter what your size everybody has a specific body shape. Whether you are short and curvy or tall and rectangular, your  body shape will determine what styles you should be dressing in.

Although a lot of Lagenlook clothes that are on the market are just over large free sizes that fit everyone whether a size 10 or 24 just slipping one of these on is not the right way to go. You need to asses your body shape and then dress accordingly.




If you are tall and broad shouldered then you can carry off something with a lot more volume and length than a much shorter person so think about your body shape before you buy.


Lagenlook plus size

Lagenlook styling for Spring


2. Think about creating curves. Again when dressing in the Lagenlook style you want to create some curves and show the definition of your body as this will always have a much more slimming and flattering effect than just putting on a shapeless over size garment.




Think about using belts to give definition to your waist, or cropped jackets to show your curves. Fitted trousers with a loose top will generally always look better than having a loose look top and bottom. With a few simple tweeks to your outfits you can add curves and definition where you did not have any and achieve a much better over all look.




3. Don’ forget to accessorize. Accessorizing your outfit is a crucial style tip that is often over looked by a lot of people. The right accessories will really set off an outfit and it is a really simple and cost effective way to transform a lot of your outfits.

Whether you want to be all out daring or just add a simple scarf accessorizing is an absolute must. A scarf in the new seasons colours is an easy and instant way of bringing your outfit bang up to date and a pop of colour to a muted look will totally transform it. Whatever way you decide to accessorize your outfit is up to you but it is a real style essential tip.


Lagenlook plus size

Lagenlook plus size styling

Lagenlook plus size style tips for Spring – Final words

The simple tips above are very easy yet effective ways to truly perfect the art of Lagenlook styling and will guarantee that each outfit that you wear shows you at your best.

A little bit of thought before you chose your outfit will make all the difference and by dressing for your body shape and showing off your curves you will discover a whole new you.

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 Lagenlook plus size style

Lagenlook Plus Size Tops – Best Ladies Lagenlook Tops

Lagenlook tops.
Lagenlook or otherwise layered look clothing is an extremely trouble-free, versatile means of being dressed that has been massively well-liked over the last couple of years. Adored by a great many ladies for the reason of its ease of use, it is a way of being dressed which permits you to design your own unique style simply. The lagenlook is a fundamental style to create as it is simply putting together your selected ensemble utilizing a lot of varied clothing layers. You can create the look with ease with just one or maybe two clothing layers, be a tad more dynamic with many layers and may provide interest through prints and textures.


Lagenlook Plus Size Tops

Lagenlook Plus Size Tops – Finding your style

Each appearance needs some essential pieces, such as tops and tunics, bottoms for example hareem style pants nor slim look trousers and jackets or alternatively chunky knits. Here we are going to take a look at the choice of Lagenlook tops that are around and ways to make use of them to create a superb clothing outfit.



A classic Lagenlook top is a simple outsized t-shirt . This type of top enables you to construct many layers. Opting for an oversized cotton top signifies that you can produce several looks. Wear it together with a skinny long singlet and also skinny jeans for a very laid back look. Style with a chunky scarf or maybe statement necklace ankle boots and also a chunky cardiagn and you have a super laid back style for the day time. One more appearance you can create utilizing a basic oversized t-shirt is to wear it with hareem style pants. This is a fashion which is exceptionally laidback and casual. A short cropped top worn over the top and ankle boots and scarf of oversized nacklace will finish this appearance.


If you love the lagenlook however favor pieces to be a little more fitted then get hold of a classic all in one double layered top. This style of top has in built layers and is more fitted to your body. It is great to team with a skinny jean or leggings and long or ankle boots will together look striking with this look. Throw over a coatigan or oversized cardigan to complete your look.


Tops will appear in all types of colours and fabrics plain more muted hues are great for daytime wear but there are some amazing designs with lace and sequins for evenings out to make your outfit really appear different.

Lagenlook Plus Size Tops – Final Thoughts

This technique of being dressed without a doubt lets you experiment with your ensemble and you can develop some extremely pleasurable fashion outfits very easily and can definitely combine and link your look. Picking a couple of wisely desired items in no time you can develop an entire new clothing collection and an entire new style for yourself.


Suzy D lagenlook top black


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Lagenlook Plus Size Tops

How to Wear Plus Size Fashion Clothing?

Many people are questioning what precisely does plus size indicate? The fashion shows frequently exhibit super slim models and these are commonly employed to display all the newer clothing designs. However if you look about you the reality is that lots of ladies are just not that shape, in reality I’d suggest most of them are fuller figured. This means they need extra special style of garments that will fit nicely on their bodies.


Fashion modles

The New World of plus Size Fashion

The Fashion world is changing at a really fast pace and you have to either keep pace or become left behind. For a great number of years during the past, the fashion houses simply didn’t cater for the plus size lady in the way that she required. Instead they produced attire with sizes which were small catering principally for the slimmer woman who was seen to be the perfect body type of the time.


fotshot / Pixabay


Its a reality that women of all sizes always want to look fashionable and elegant. It really can be a problem to seek out the finest kind of apparel to be fashionable as there is a such a wide range of of styles to select from. In addition you have to take into consideration just how you will blend in your clothing accessories to your fashion outfits. The world of fashion was has been giving the impression to women that they should be a size 12 to adorn a dress properly. But in modern times there has been a big movement and currently fuller figure women have the chance to be beautiful wearing the high street fashions.




Among the first matters to think about is colour in the style of your ensemble. Many fashion gurus put forward that darker colors are the best choices for plus size ladies. These particular dresses are perceived as more pleasing for the curvacious nature of the plus sized woman. Therefore the sorts of colours you have to be looking at are blacks, dark blues, greys and browns.

It is certainly the case that some plus sized women may appear genuinely outstanding when adorning the colour red, however this is simply not continually true and can depend on the caliber of the dress. In regards of the material for deliberation, fashion specialists often advocate that ladies should keep away from springy materials. The plus size dresses which work best have that flowing aspect which is why the fabric of silk is the material that may best exhibit plus size dresses.




How to Wear Plus Size Fashion Clothing?

If you’re looking to purchase a stylish plus size dress, then there is the choice of finding plus sized fashions in regional stores. However on a lot of situations it is simply not a possibility to really go and visit the store in person. Now obviously most individuals have the choice to buy on-line and see dynamic new fashions. There is often a good range of products available along with a large number of sizes as well as the chance to locate genuine value. For the longest time full figured women were not invited to the fashion celebration however now the time is here for being plus size and fashionable.

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How to Wear Plus Size Fashion Clothing?

Lagenlook Plus Size Clothing Fashion Tips

Lagenlook Clothing for Plus size fashion.

Over the last few years a style of fashion has spread that has become increasingly popular in the plus size fashion world. This style of clothing is called Lagenlook or layered look and is all about building up a look layer by layer to create a look unique to you. Whilst this style is very easy to create, it is important to get the layering effect right so as to create the most flattering look as you don’t want your layers to give you too bulky an end result. With careful styling and dressing for your shape this is a style of clothing that can give you a unique and flattering style.


Lagenlook two piece tunic brown 7191


Lagenlook Plus Size Clothing – Beautiful Tunics

Therefore before you begin you need to understand your shape and what works best for you, where you carry the most weight and what are your best points to emphasize. If for example you carry most of your weight around your bust and have a slimmer torso and legs then you need to wear something that has a scooped neckline which will be much more flattering such as the lagenlook two piece brown tunic.


markusspiske / Pixabay


This tunic will be very flattering for someone with a larger bust as the deep scooped neckline will help draw attention away from the bust area. This piece can be worn over a skinny jean of legging so as to focus to eye on your slimmer bottom half. If you carry more of your weight on the bottom rather than the top then you need to wear something such as the Lagenlook red dress. This dress is ideal for a bottom heavy shape as it skims over the hips and tummy area. It can be styled again with a legging or skinny jean and long length boot or ankle boot. Add a chunky necklace or scarf and you have created a stylish yet flattering look.


Lagenlook dress 753 red

Lagenlook Plus Size Clothing – Basic Rules

To style for your shape you just have to remember some basic rules. Always draw attention to your best assets and minimise your less flattering areas. Top heavy ladies need to draw attention away from the bust area. If you are apple shaped then wear longer lines, don’t go for pieces that finish at your heaviest points such as cropped jackets.


LoganArt / Pixabay


Wear slimmer shapes on the bottom if you have chunky legs and thighs. Try to avoid cropped or flared pants if this is where you carry most of your weight. Pear shaped ladies need to draw attention upwards away from larger hips and bottoms but can do so by emphasizing smaller waists with cropped jackets.


ddalki3003 / Pixabay

Lagenlook Plus Size Clothing – Final Thoughts

Whatever your shape there are ways and means to create the lagenlook and still look stylish and individual. Just remember the above rules of dressing for your shape and you will create your perfect, stylish look that is unique to you.

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