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Wendy Trendy: Fabulous Lagenlook Styling

Lagenlook as a Fashion style has been around for well over thirty years now but over the last few years it has become increasingly popular. What started out as a major trend in Japan has spread West and has been embraced all over the World but especially in Europe, mainly Italy where a whole host of companies have started to produce Lagenlook clothing. As with everything there are always a few that really stand out from the crowd and one such brand is Wendy Trendy.

Wendy Trendy really stand apart from a lot of the Italian produces because their styling is so unique and their quality is really high. Made from good quality fabrics, mainly 100% cotton and with a really good eye for quality control, when you buy a piece of Wendy Trendy clothing you know you are going to be getting something really special.

Below are some of my top picks for the Spring collection of Wendy Trendy that can be found online and in store right now.

Wendy Trendy: Fabulous Lagenlook styling

1.  Wendy trendy T-shirt Dress. This fabulous T-shirt dress comes in a wide selection of colours, one of my favourites being the electric blue.

Wendy Trendy: Fabulous Lagenlook styling

Wendy Trendy: Fabulous Lagenlook styling


This super comfy dress is fantastic for super casual styling. It is perfect teamed with skinny jeans and pumps for a really relaxed look. The cut of the dress means that it is very easy to layer with either a long-sleeved t-shirt underneath or a cardigan or jacket over the top.

Style with a bright scarf and you have a perfect outfit for early Spring weather.




2.  Wendy Trendy Long Length Cotton Dress. Another great style for Wendy trendy is the long length heavy cotton dress.

Again available in a number of colours, this dress is perfect for early  Springtime. The heavy cotton gives it warmth for the time of year and it is perfect to style with boots and leggings for cooler Spring days.


Wendy Trendy: Fabulous Lagenlook styling

Wendy Trendy: Fabulous Lagenlook styling

Throw over a chunky cardigan to add layers and this is also fabulous casual dressing. The relaxed fit means it is very comfortable to wear and it is super flattering for most people.




3.  Wendy Trendy Striped Jacket. This is one of my favourite pieces from the new Wendy Trendy collection because not only is it super stylish but it is also right on trend this season as stripes are huge.


Wendy Trendy: Fabulous Lagenlook styling

Wendy Trendy: Fabulous Lagenlook styling

Team this hooded jacket with a simple t-shirt,  jeans and pumps and you have another fabulous outfit. The heavy cotton jacket means it is another perfect early Spring piece that you can wear time and time again.

A great piece for looking fashionable and on trend this season, this is a piece you should snap up now.

Wendy Trendy: Fabulous Lagenlook styling – Final Words

Any of the above pieces are perfect additions to your early Spring wardrobe and I am sure that once you have bought your first piece of Wendy Trendy you will want to add more to your Lagenlook wardrobe.

For quality and style they can’t be beaten and they will be perfect additions to your wardrobe.


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Wendy Trendy Lagenlook

How to Accessorize the Lagenlook? – 3 Top Tips

How to accessorize the Lagenlook.

Over the last few years the Fashion industry has really started to take note of the importance that accessories make when styling an outfit. Indeed many a look has been turned from something quite plain into something amazing with the simple use of some well placed accessories. Lagenlook styles really benefit from the use of accessories so below are some top tips to use when styling Lagenlook outfits with accessories.


How to Accessorize the Lagenlook? – 3 Top Tips


1. Be big and bold. Some of the best looks for Lagenlook styles are big, bold accessories. They can be either scarves, belts or jewellery it doesn’t matter but sometimes the bigger the better works best. If you have a larger frame then bigger accessories will look better on you.


How to accessorize the Lagenlook

How to accessorize the Lagenlook


A larger framed person can carry off larger pieces so think about big, chunky necklaces to dress your outfits. The same can work for large chunky scarves, which again will always tend to work better on a larger frame.


Hot Spring Fashion Trends for Ladies


2. Accessorize to add a pop of colour. One of the best uses of accessories is to add a pop of colour to your outfit. If you tend to wear more muted shades such as creams, greys or blacks then introducing colour through accessories is a really good idea. This allows you to create stunning looks in a very easy and inexpensive way. It also lets you introduce new season colours into your wardrobe whilst still wearing last seasons clothes which is a very useful way of dressing especially through the transitional period between seasons.


Winter Accessories For Women

Winter Accessories For Women


3. Instant updates. By adding accessories to your outfits you can instantly update your look. You can recreate many different looks with your current wardrobe by simply adding a belt, a necklace a scarf or a whole combination of accessories. You can turn a simple outfit that you would normally wear for the day into a stunning night time look by adding some sparkly accessories. Accessories can instantly up date your look so try wearing outfits with different accessories to see how easily they can be adapted.


Lagenlook charms necklace 2

How to Accessorize the Lagenlook? – Final Thoughts

Once you start using accessories to dress your outfits you will quickly discover just how simple it can be to totally transform your current outfits. For people who are shopping on a budget this is a really cheap way to update your look. For anybody who just wants to try a new look again this is a very simple way to do it.


If you just want to experiment with some fun new ideas then just by trying new accessories you can develop new looks. There are so many different accessory styles on the market that you will be spoiled for choice but a few well bought items will make all the difference to your new season wardrobe. So start hitting the shops now to see what items you can pick up and then start having fun creating your new looks.



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How to Accessorize the Lagenlook?

3 Lagenlook Spring Dresses for Ladies 2016

Three of the best Spring Dresses for Lagenlook Styling.
The time has now come to start thinking about the new season ahead. This is always one of the nicest times of the year as the Winter months are almost over the long days of Spring and Summer are stretching ahead of us. Now we can start going through our wardrobes to see what pieces we will need to stock up on for the coming months.



One item that is always popular in any Spring wardrobe is the dress. A constant favourite with most people, a dress is the essential piece of clothing that will take you through any occasion. Therefore it is always a good idea to invest in a dress at the start of each season. This year sees some really stunning designs and below I am going to pick my three best looks for Lagenlook styling for the coming months.


MaThoPa / Pixabay

MaThoPa / Pixabay

3 Lagenlook Spring Dresses for Ladies 2016

1. Wendy Trendy Electric blue dress. This Wendy Trendy dress is a fantastic casual dress to take you into the Spring months. Made from 100% cotton, this super soft dress is a great dress for Lagenlook styling. The shape and fit allow it to be styled with either a long sleeved t-shirt underneath or long length jackets or cardigans over the top.


Lagenlook Style for Spring Collections

Lagenlook Style for Spring Collections


The length means it works well with skinny jeans or leggings and long or ankle boots. It can be styled with a wide belt to give it definition on the waist or a scarf in a contrasting shade. The pop of colour is on trend for the season ahead and this is a definite must for your Spring wardrobe.


Vintage Victorian Background


2. Lagenlook zipped pocket dress. This is another great Lagenlook style dress for your Spring wardrobe. The mocha colour works well for any skin tone and is a great base colour to add a pop of ultra bright accessories.

The flattering fit is good for most sizes and the quirky detail of the zipped pockets makes it really stand out. A great length again to wear with boots and leggings or with skinny jeans, this is a really easy to wear dress that is fantastic for casual day time dressing.


hat Scarves Sunglasses -783146_960_720


3. Lagenlook baggy tunic dress. This gorgeous lagenlook dress is perfect for the Spring months. The dusky pink colour is really on trend for the season and is a really flattering shade. The tulip shape of the dress gives a really great shape and makes it a very stylish and flattering cut for most body types.


Lagenlook Spring Dresses for Ladies 2016

Lagenlook Spring Dresses for Ladies 2016


The perfect dress to really dress up or down, this could easily be worn for a smart Spring function or a casual day time affair. this is another essential dress for you Lagenlook wardrobe, a dress that you can pull out time and time again.


3 Lagenlook Spring Dresses for Ladies 2016 – Final Words

Any one of the above dresses are just what is needed to start your Spring wardrobe. Easy to wear, versatile pieces that can take you from day to night and can be dressed up or down and all allowing you to add your own individual touch too.


Hot Plus Size Clothing Tips for Spring 2016

Hot Plus Size Clothing Tips for Spring 2016


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Lagenlook Spring Dresses

3 Essential Lagenlook Style Clothing Ideas

Lagenlook style Clothing.

The style of Lagenlook clothing is one that seems to be loved by a great number of people. It is a simple yet very stylish way of dressing that is creative and allows you to develop your own unique sense of style.



The clothes can be very inexpensive too which also makes it very appealing. If you are intrigued by Lagenlook clothing but are not sure what it really involves then here are a few tips to guide you on your way in the Lagenlook style of clothing.


lagenlook Style Clothing Ideas

Lagenlook Style Clothing Ideas

3 Essential Lagenlook Style Clothing Ideas

1. Brands. Two of the best brands for Lagenlook style clothing are Suzy D and Wendy Trendy. Although there are many many more designers out there who specialise in this style of dressing, Suzy D and Wendy Trendy both offer excellent quality and value. Suzy D is a British company that produces fabulous simple styles that are excellent for layered dressing. Made from good quality fabrics there pieces are just what you need for developing a great lagenlook style wardrobe.


fashion over 40


Wendy Trendy an Italian company offer the excellence in design that you expect from Italian manufacturing. They produce clothes again with great quality, but which also have a really quirky edge to them, allowing you to really develop your own sense of style. Either of these companies are a great place to go to when buying pieces for Lagenlook style clothing.


Person Woman Girl


2. Putting the look together. Lagenlook style dressing is very easy to achieve once you have developed some basic rules. Dressing for your body shape is one of the most important things to do. Don’t be tempted to just wear big baggy pieces with no shape, the best Lagenlook outfits will often have some shape and structure to them, for example nipping you in at the waist. The Lagenlook style is all about Layering your look and building up interest through layer upon layer. Adding interest through accessories, textures and colour is also an integral part of Lagenlook style clothing.


dress to your body shape


3. Get inspiration from online. There are some amazing images of Lagenlook style clothing now online. That is the beauty of the internet, that there are now so many sources of inspiration. Clicking onto Pinterest for example will bring up so many ideas for you to try out, the inspiration for developing your own look seems to be never ending. You can look through image after image to see which looks you like the best and then look online for some of the best places to buy the pieces seen. Online is an easy fool proof way to develop your Lagenlook style.


3 Essential Lagenlook Style Clothing Ideas

If you do want to try out a new style of dressing then the Lagenlook style is definitely worth looking at. Not only does it look so effortless and stylish when done well, but it is also such a great way of really expressing your personality through your clothes and a great way to really have some fun with Fashion.


pink top worn with waistcoat


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Lagenlook Style Clothing

Lagenlook Style for Spring Collections – Spring Season Clothing

Lagenlook Styling for Spring.

Spring is just around the corner and so it is now time to start thinking about your Spring wardrobes and what you will be wearing over the coming months. Spring is one of those seasons that offers all sorts of new and exciting changes. The thought of lighter nights and warmer days ahead is reflected in the gorgeous Spring lines that start coming through into the shops and online stores. The images of lighter fabrics and colours is one to lift your mood so lets take a look at the colours and key pieces for the season ahead.


Lagenlook Style for Spring Collections

Lagenlook Style for Spring Collections

Lagenlook Style for Spring Collections – What’s New

1. Pastel shades. One of the key colours for the season ahead is pastel shades from dusky pinks to baby blues with sorbet lemons to the lightest of greens, if you want to be seen to be in Fashion this season, then be in a pastel shade. Pastel colours seem to epitomise the Spring and Summer months and work so well with base hues of cream, white brown and grey. There is a pastel shade out there to work with any hair colour and skin tone so nobody should be afraid of trying them out.



Whether you are going to go head to toe in pastel shades or be less daring and just accessorize with a scarf or jewellery, being seen in a pastel shade will defintely update your wardrobe in an instant. Try mixing and matching pastel shades as well so pinks and blues together or lemons and greens, experimenting with colour clashes is a great way to update your look and excitement to it.


young-girl spring


2. Light layering. Over the last few seasons more and more layering has appeared on the catwalk and in fashion magazines and has filtered onto the high street. The layered look is instantly fashionable and really lets your create your own unique take on fashion.



The Spring months are a great time to experiment in this style of dressing as you can easily build up your Spring wardrobe with Spring layers from over-sized t-shirts to long length cardigans, over sized dresses to skinny jeans, all these pieces will work well in the layered wardrobe. The real advantage of layered styling in the cooler Spring months is that it is a great way of dressing for the transeasonal months as you can build up warmth with many light layers.


Vintage Flapper Lady

Lagenlook Style for Spring Collections – Final Thoughts

Therefore if you are looking for some ways to add an instant update to your new Season wardrobe then take some advice from above. Think about what colours you will be wearing over the coming season and try adding a touch of layering to your wardrobe.


Hat Summer Hat


By applying these two simple touches to your look , you will instantly refresh and update your style in a very easy and inexpensive way. The use of pastels will give an instant Spring feel to your wardrobe so get shopping now and pick up some of the new styles out there and start looking forward to wearing your new Spring fashions.


lagenlook matilda grey scarf


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Lagenlook Style for Spring Collections

Layering Clothes Fashion Ideas – Hot Tips to Layer Clothing

Top tips for layering.

Over the last few years there has been a new style of dressing that a lot of people have been adopting, that of layering their clothing. This has led to the popular term of lagenlook or layered clothing becoming more mainstream. Lagenlook is taken from the German word meaning layering and is a way of describing heavily layered outfits.


Layering Clothes Fashion Ideas

Layering Clothes Fashion Ideas


Whilst this would seem to be an easy look to emulate there are some fashion tips to follow otherwise your out fit can look a bit of a miss match and you can end up looking very bulky. Follow the easy tips below to achieve a flawless Lagenlook creation each time.

Layering Clothes Fashion Ideas – Red Hot Tips

1. Build up your layers flawlessly. The best way to creating a beautiful Lagenlook outfit is to carefully build up each layer. Instead of dressing in one or two bulky layers select each layer carefully to build a smooth outfit that makes you look streamlined. For example start with a long sleeved skinny t-shirt that is close fitting to the body. Over that you could add a long length tunic that doesn’t have too much volume.



As a base wear a pair of skinny pants or leggings to create a streamlined bottom. Now try adding a cropped jacket or chunky cardigan if it is cool. On top of this layer you could add a chunky scarf or jewellery. If you need a final layer then finish off with a duster coat which will give you warmth without creating too bulky an appearance. For foot wear you could have a pair of knee length or ankle boots, either will finish the outfit perfectly.


Person Woman Girl Young Fashion Scarf Cloth


2. Think about colour and materials. One of the best ways to create a Lagenlook outfit is by the use of colour and texture. You don’t need to add too many layers just add interest with your choice of colour and materials. For example by sticking to a muted colour palette you can easily create drama and interest and it will keep your outfit from looking too busy and cluttered.



You can use a dark base colour in a deep brown for example and then add shades of cream, mocha or white to build up the definition in your outfit. By adding a pop of colour in say orange or burnt umber with the use of a scarf or jewellery it will create a fashionable eye-catching outfit. You can also mix your textures to create interest and build up the layers, for example mixing tweeds and silks wools and cottons with each layer being in a different material.


Fashion Clothing Shop Clothes Dress Style Female

Layering Clothes Fashion Ideas – Final Thoughts

By just following these two basic fashion tips you can conjour up interesting, exciting Lagenlook outfits each time without looking as if you have tried too hard. Keeping the layers simple will prevent you from looking too bulky and the use of colours and textures will keep your looks fresh and unique and will mean that each outfit will be fun and interesting to create.


plus size shopping online


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Layering Clothes Fashion Ideas

Plus Size Lagenlook Fashion Clothing UK

Over the last few years retailers have finally realized that a large percentage of the shopping demographic is made up of people wanting plus size clothing. Were at one time there was a small, limited choice for this group of customers, the range of clothing has expanded greatly now offering a much greater and more fashionable range than ever before. One range of clothing to emerge from this market is the style of Lagenlook clothing. This is clothing that has a layered look to it and is an easy and versatile way to dress and one that has been embraced by the plus size market.


Plus Size Lagenlook Fashion Clothing UK

Plus Size Lagenlook Fashion Clothing UK

Plus Size Lagenlook Fashion Clothing UK – The Lagenlook Style



Lagenlook fashion offers the consumer simple, easy pieces to wear whilst being able to adapt it to your own look and unique style. As with all fashion styles though there are certain things that should be adhered too if you want this look to work well for you. Below we shall look at a few fashion rules for plus size ladies who want to dress in the Lagenlook style.

2 Secrets to Plus Size Fashion

1. Dress for your shape. Regardless of your size, you should always dress for the shape of your body. Generally the fashion world has adopted a few shapes that most people will fit into. The apple, the pear, the triangle. the hour glass and the rectangle are the most common indicators for people to use when deciding what their body shape is.


Fashion Mall Shopping Stores Shops Clothes

It is important to address this issue before buying clothes as what will work well for a pear shape will not work well for an apple and so on. Therefore decide on your body shape first and it will save you making costly mistakes later on.



2. Don’t try to hide your shape. One mistake a lot of plus size people make when dressing is trying too hard to hide their figure. There is often an assumption that dressing in big baggy clothes will make you look better when infact this does the opposite. Everybody regardless of size has good points and so you need to emphasize those.


Fashion Jewellery Blue Jacket Nails Red Stylish


Wearing something that just covers you from head to toe just gives a tent like look to your appearance so choose something more fitted that will show off your figure and actually make you appear smaller. A lot of people assume that the Lagenlook is just about covering up but infact you can layer clothes very easliy and flatteringly if you use tighter fitting layers.

Plus Size Lagenlook Fashion Clothing UK – Final Thoughts

So by adopting the fashion points above you can dress very easily in the Lagenlook style regardless of your size. Plus size customers can look amazing in this style of fashion by just remembering to dress for their particular body shape and by not trying to hide their natural shape under too many big, baggy pieces. Remember with clever styling this is a trend that can look fantastic and completely unique and will enable you to create your own sense of style in a way that highlights the best of you.


Suzy D lagenlook jumper blue


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Plus Size Lagenlook Fashion

Lagenlook Style Clothing – 3 Secrets of the Lagenlook

Get the Lagenlook.

The Lagenlook style of dressing has been increasingly popular over the last few years and whilst some people make it look very simple to achieve, other people find creating the look to be very difficult. Some people put on too many layers that make them look bulky whilst others create a look that is just too confusing mixing the wrong pieces together to give a mismatched effect. Therefore we are going to take a look at a few simple rules to get the Lagenlook easily and simply.


Lagenlook Style Clothing

Lagenlook Style Clothing – 3 Lagenlook Style Secrets

1. Know what look you want to achieve. This seems an obvious rule but many people don’t really know the look that they are trying to achieve. Do you want to create a boho style, or a more simplistic minimalist look or a very heavy arty layered look? Once you have decided what look you are trying to create, then you can go about searching for the correct pieces and then putting them together. If you are creating a boho look for example, then you will be looking for pieces with tassels and prints, that are floaty and have more volume and will want scarves and thick belts to accessorise with. Were as if you are aiming for a more minimalist look then you will be looking for simple pieces in more muted tones that are more fitted to the body building up more interest through the layers than colours
and prints.



2. Build up your layers. Lagenlook is all about creating detail through layering. To do this correctly you have to build up your layers carefully not in a haphazard way. Start off with a base layer such as a pair of skinny pants and a skinny t-shirt. Over this you could add a tunic or open shirt, then a further layer could be a chunky cardigan. To maximise the style look you can pull it all together by adding a belt and chunky jewellery or a scarf. Finally depending on the weather a loose coat over the top will complete the look. Once
you have the basic rules of building up the layers sorted you will find creating each outfit to be very simple.


plus size shopping online


3. Be adventurous with accessories. Accessories can really add something special to any outfit but especially Lagenlook styling. As a rule big chunky jewellery and long flowing scarves will always compliment an outfit but do be careful to work with your body shape
and height, as you don’t want to dwarf a petite frame or use something too delicate on a bigger frame. A well placed scarf can add that extra something and can bring together your completed look so have fun with accessories and see how well they can work for you.


Lagenlook Style Clothing – Final Words

So by following the above few rules you can get the Lagenlook style of dressing quite simply. By just working out what look you want to create and building up the layers you can achieve a super stylish individual look in no time at all.


Lagenlook Style Clothing

Lagenlook Style Clothing


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Lagenlook Style Clothing

How to Properly Layer Clothing – Mastering the Layered Clothing Look

Ever looked at somebody wearing a really great layered outfit and thought wow “their look is fantastic but I bet that is hard to achieve” or “I would love to dress like that but I don’t know how”; then read on to discover the amazingly simple rules to creating amazing layered outfits all of the time.


 layered clothing styles and looks

How to Properly Layer Clothing – Guidelines to Success

Rule 1. Don’t be afraid to experiment. Part of the fun of creating layered outfits is experimenting with different prints, colours and textures so don’t fear them really experiment with your look. Mix clashing prints and patterns together to create a truly eye catching look, just work along the same colour palette to keep your outfit looking great. Mix different fabrics as well to achieve interest and something different for example mix tweeds with silks and fluffy over-sized scarves to more tailored fabrics, play around and really have fun with what you are creating.



Rule 2. Work with really good basics to get the best results. Mastering the layered look is all about layering without adding bulk to your outfit. You don’t want to have layers that make you look so bulky that it is hard to move around, instead have good basics that will make layering a breeze. Skinny t- shirts and form fitting tops will work well as basic layers and finer knits can add warmth for Winter layering. Skinny pants are also good for layering.


watch pants


Rule 3. Mix you smart and casual styles together. Taking a really dressy skirt or dress for example and adding chunky knit wear and boots will transform a smart item in your wardrobe into something far more causal, in the same way as taking a pair of casual skinny jeans and layering with super fine knits in silks and linens or silky shirts can transform something casual into something for the night time. This method of layering is a great way to get maximum use out of your wardrobe.


shoes black boots


Rule 4. Don’t forget about your foot wear. Foot wear is also a great area to layer and one that not many people think about. For example you could take a chunky pair of over the knee socks and layer over tights and add ankle boots or wear a chunky pair os socks inside long length boots with leggings. There are lots of different ways of layering foot wear and soon just putting on a pair of shoes or boots will seem quite boring.


How to Properly Layer Clothing – Final words

By following the simple rules above. you will soon be able to create fabulous, exciting layered outfits quite easily. Most of the pieces that you will need to create your looks you will probably have already in your wardrobe, it is just a question of going through and looking at pieces in a different way and having some imagination to turn them into amazing layered creations. Just remember don’t be afraid to mix and match pieces and have fun with what you are wearing and you will be sure to create some fantastic of your own.


How to Properly Layer Clothing


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How to Properly Layer Clothing


Layered Clothing Styles and Looks – Layered Clothing UK

When you look at layer clothing items, pay special attention to the materials as this is crucial to the warmth and how bulky the item will be to wear. There are many good materials for layering and two of these are merino wool clothing and polyester. Merino is a great
item to use as it is a natural fiber which can help you stay warm.


Layered Clothing Styles and Looks Layered Clothing UK

Layered Clothing Styles and Looks – Why Layer Your Clothes

By layering your clothes you can produce a whole new look for your wardrobe. Through using combinations of items like scarves, tunics, jumpers and jackets you can restyle your look to change it to the point it seems like a different outfit. The process of layering
allows the mixing and matching of your clothes letting you get more form your older clothes by mixing them with newer ones. Thus if you have items sitting in a draw that you just don’t use you can have great fun bringing them back to life with you new combinations.


fashion- pretty face

mix and match

Layering your clothes is an artform and with the right level of skill you can achieve a classy look. The action of layering can be extremely practical for outfits for various situations. When you start layering it can be a good technique to mix clothes that are made of different fabrics and have the quality of being a different kind of texture.



In doing this the overall look can develop into something truly unique. The sort of fabrics you can mix and match are those such as denims, cottons and velvet. You can further add interest through the layering of different patterns and colours or as an alternative layer different shades of the same colour.


eye- red

The Importance of Colour

The colour in layering is of tremendous importance keep in mind the overall colour scheme you are looking for. At this point it is worth experimenting a little as certain colours you think will not blend well can surprise you in how well they work together. At the start of the
process choose a colour as a base color. Good examples to start with are white or black . After this build up your outfit by adding in more shades. You can achieve some wonderful outfits through using brighter colours just be sure not to overdo it. Don’t just stick to colours in your layering either the layering of patterns can help you form some amazing outfits as well.


Lagenlook tunic 7966 blue

Keep It Light

When thinking about layering your outfits, make sure you don’t have too much bulk in your items as this can make the whole outfit too uncomfortable and difficult to wear. A good idea is to opt for items that have a thin quality as these have the capacity to keep you both dry and warm. Through the use of thinner layered clothing you can obtain the duel aspect of keeping dry and keeping warm at the
same time.



Layered Clothing Styles and Looks – Conclusion

Layering your outfits properly allows you to be both practical and stylish at the same time. This is one of the main reasons the lagenlook style of dressing has become so popular recently especially in colder weather. So if you looking to be on trend and for a whole new way to wear fashionable outfits look to master the art form of layering your clothes.

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Layered Clothing Styles