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3 Easy Steps for How to get the Lagenlook

How to get the Lagenlook?

One of the fastest growing trends over the last few years has been the Lagenlook trend. Lagenlook has been taken from the German word and literally means layered clothing. It is a style of dressing that has become very popular with everybody regardless of size and age.


how to get the lagenlook

how to get the lagenlook


Whilst a lot of people see the over sized Made in Italy as being the Lagenlook style, this is not necessarily true as it is more about styling layered clothes your own way. So how exactly do you achieve the Lagenlook look? Well there are various tips to follow if you want to achieve this look, all of which are very easy to do.


How to get the Lagenlook – 3 Simple Steps

1. Work on your base layers. To achieve a real Lagenlook style you really need to build up the layers. Just wearing one over sized tunic is not the Lagenlook. Like any great outfit the foundation garments are just as essential to the over all look. Start of with some really good long length t- shirts, leggings or treggings as your base layers and then build up your outfit.


base layers


It is often a good idea to buy base layers with a good quality elastane content as this will give a much better effect. You can go for plain base layers such as browns, creams, greys or blacks or add a shot of an accent colour such as red or yellow, whatever you prefer.


vedatzorluer / Pixabay

vedatzorluer / Pixabay


2. Dress the layers for your body shape. Often you will see people who just wear one big baggy top or tunic with something over the top. This is not really a flattering look as you really need more fitted pieces or pieces made from good quality fabrics to give you shape and structure.


dress to your body shape


Rather than hiding your body under big, shapeless pieces think about dressing to emphasize your best features. If you have a small waist wear layers that nip you in at the waist and if you are a straight up and down shape then wear pieces that will give you some curves. Really think how you want your end outfit to look and also how you want to look in it.

3. Think about using accessories. One of the best ways to create the Lagenlook style is to use accessories. Think big chunky jewellery or scarves, fingerless gloves, ankle boots and over body bags.


think about accessories


Accessories can really help define your outfit and will give yo a style that is unique to you. Don’t be afraid to experiment with accessories when developing your style, play around and see what you come up with.


How to get the Lagenlook –  Final Thoughts

The Lagenlook style of dressing is a really fun, unique way to create fashionable outfits. You do not need to go and buy a whole new wardrobe, you just need some key pieces that will work within your outfits. Its a style of dressing that lets you experiment with colour and fabric mixing plain pieces with prints and cottons with knits whatever you feel like and allows you to create totally different looks each time you put a new outfit together.


pink top worn with waistcoat

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How to get the Lagenlook

Plus Size Layered Look – Plus Size Spring Layering

Plus Size Layering for Spring.

As we start to move towards the Spring its time to begin thinking about what pieces you will be buying for the coming months ahead. The Spring time offers some amazing pieces for the Plus size lady so if you are looking for some new pieces to add to your existing
Spring/Summer wardrobe read on to discover a few really fabulous versatile pieces to start snapping up now.


Plus Size Layered Look – 2 Must have Items for Spring

The Top.

This stunning blue and white print top is an ideal must have piece for the Spring and Summer months ahead. Blue and white is a classic colour combination for the warmer months. Its a look that never dates, suits all colouring and works so well within your
wardrobe. This top is ultra flattering and easy to wear. It can be worn in a very casual way over skinny jeans or cropped capri pants for the warmer months. If you are looking for something that is more formal though it is also perfect teamed with classic white linen


Plus Size Layered Look

Plus Size Layered Look


The soft cotton under top and 100% silk over top are the perfect combination for the Spring and Summer months as they will keep you cool whilst looking stylish. This top is perfect for hiding any lumps and bumps with its 3/4 sleeves that cover the upper arm
area. The flowing nature of the top means it won’t cling to any areas meaning it is super comfortable to wear.


Scarf Close Market


The Dress.

This beautiful soft dusky pink dress is the ideal piece as we move into the warmer months ahead. Made from 100% cotton it is a really easy dress to wear and style. The elasticated detail on the bottom give the dress a wonderful tulip shape and is perfect styled with
leggings or over a skinny pant. The loose fit makes it a really comfortable dress to wear. It can be styled with a a beautiful scarf or chunky jewellery and is a dress that can be worn for both smart or casual occasions.


How to Wear the Lagenlook Dress

How to Wear the Lagenlook Dress


This is a dress that is perfect for the holiday months as well as just day to day wear. It has side pockets which are always a bonus and the colour is one of the key colours of the coming season. This style of dress would be perfect for any Spring or Summer occasion such as a christening or a wedding as the simplicity of the style means you can easily vamp it up.


Vintage Flapper

Plus Size Layered Look – Final Thoughts

The two pieces mentioned above are both perfect pieces to buy now for the coming season. Nothing is more versatile in the warmer months than a really great dress and everybody needs some stunning tops to complete their Spring /Summer wardrobe. Each year we
all need to invest in some really great items that make us look and feel fabulous and both of these items will do that. These pieces meet all the requirements for the plus size wardrobe and are definitely pieces you should be investing in now before they go.


Lagenlook Style Clothing


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Plus Size Layered Look

How to Properly Layer Clothing – Mastering the Layered Clothing Look

Ever looked at somebody wearing a really great layered outfit and thought wow “their look is fantastic but I bet that is hard to achieve” or “I would love to dress like that but I don’t know how”; then read on to discover the amazingly simple rules to creating amazing layered outfits all of the time.


 layered clothing styles and looks

How to Properly Layer Clothing – Guidelines to Success

Rule 1. Don’t be afraid to experiment. Part of the fun of creating layered outfits is experimenting with different prints, colours and textures so don’t fear them really experiment with your look. Mix clashing prints and patterns together to create a truly eye catching look, just work along the same colour palette to keep your outfit looking great. Mix different fabrics as well to achieve interest and something different for example mix tweeds with silks and fluffy over-sized scarves to more tailored fabrics, play around and really have fun with what you are creating.



Rule 2. Work with really good basics to get the best results. Mastering the layered look is all about layering without adding bulk to your outfit. You don’t want to have layers that make you look so bulky that it is hard to move around, instead have good basics that will make layering a breeze. Skinny t- shirts and form fitting tops will work well as basic layers and finer knits can add warmth for Winter layering. Skinny pants are also good for layering.


watch pants


Rule 3. Mix you smart and casual styles together. Taking a really dressy skirt or dress for example and adding chunky knit wear and boots will transform a smart item in your wardrobe into something far more causal, in the same way as taking a pair of casual skinny jeans and layering with super fine knits in silks and linens or silky shirts can transform something casual into something for the night time. This method of layering is a great way to get maximum use out of your wardrobe.


shoes black boots


Rule 4. Don’t forget about your foot wear. Foot wear is also a great area to layer and one that not many people think about. For example you could take a chunky pair of over the knee socks and layer over tights and add ankle boots or wear a chunky pair os socks inside long length boots with leggings. There are lots of different ways of layering foot wear and soon just putting on a pair of shoes or boots will seem quite boring.


How to Properly Layer Clothing – Final words

By following the simple rules above. you will soon be able to create fabulous, exciting layered outfits quite easily. Most of the pieces that you will need to create your looks you will probably have already in your wardrobe, it is just a question of going through and looking at pieces in a different way and having some imagination to turn them into amazing layered creations. Just remember don’t be afraid to mix and match pieces and have fun with what you are wearing and you will be sure to create some fantastic of your own.


How to Properly Layer Clothing


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How to Properly Layer Clothing


Layered Clothing Styles and Looks – Layered Clothing UK

When you look at layer clothing items, pay special attention to the materials as this is crucial to the warmth and how bulky the item will be to wear. There are many good materials for layering and two of these are merino wool clothing and polyester. Merino is a great
item to use as it is a natural fiber which can help you stay warm.


Layered Clothing Styles and Looks Layered Clothing UK

Layered Clothing Styles and Looks – Why Layer Your Clothes

By layering your clothes you can produce a whole new look for your wardrobe. Through using combinations of items like scarves, tunics, jumpers and jackets you can restyle your look to change it to the point it seems like a different outfit. The process of layering
allows the mixing and matching of your clothes letting you get more form your older clothes by mixing them with newer ones. Thus if you have items sitting in a draw that you just don’t use you can have great fun bringing them back to life with you new combinations.


fashion- pretty face

mix and match

Layering your clothes is an artform and with the right level of skill you can achieve a classy look. The action of layering can be extremely practical for outfits for various situations. When you start layering it can be a good technique to mix clothes that are made of different fabrics and have the quality of being a different kind of texture.



In doing this the overall look can develop into something truly unique. The sort of fabrics you can mix and match are those such as denims, cottons and velvet. You can further add interest through the layering of different patterns and colours or as an alternative layer different shades of the same colour.


eye- red

The Importance of Colour

The colour in layering is of tremendous importance keep in mind the overall colour scheme you are looking for. At this point it is worth experimenting a little as certain colours you think will not blend well can surprise you in how well they work together. At the start of the
process choose a colour as a base color. Good examples to start with are white or black . After this build up your outfit by adding in more shades. You can achieve some wonderful outfits through using brighter colours just be sure not to overdo it. Don’t just stick to colours in your layering either the layering of patterns can help you form some amazing outfits as well.


Lagenlook tunic 7966 blue

Keep It Light

When thinking about layering your outfits, make sure you don’t have too much bulk in your items as this can make the whole outfit too uncomfortable and difficult to wear. A good idea is to opt for items that have a thin quality as these have the capacity to keep you both dry and warm. Through the use of thinner layered clothing you can obtain the duel aspect of keeping dry and keeping warm at the
same time.



Layered Clothing Styles and Looks – Conclusion

Layering your outfits properly allows you to be both practical and stylish at the same time. This is one of the main reasons the lagenlook style of dressing has become so popular recently especially in colder weather. So if you looking to be on trend and for a whole new way to wear fashionable outfits look to master the art form of layering your clothes.

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Layered Clothing Styles

How to Layer Clothes for Winter – Winter Layering Tips

While we are coming upon the cooler months it is presently the right time to switch our attention in the direction of our winter clothes and which type of pieces we may require for the approaching months. The Wintertime months usually need much warmer thicker attire although if you do not like the thought of getting to be wearing bulky knits for the subsequent few months then what about adding plenty of layers to your clothing instead and increasing the warmth from them in place of one chunky knit.


Unsplash / Pixabay

How to Layer Clothes for Winter – What you need to Know

The beauty of dressing in layers is just not simply does it trap the heat into the human body but you are able to adapt basic clothing from your current wardrobe with simply some key items from your winter clothing, so you are able to economize as well utilizing several of your preferred pieces presently within your clothing collection.


Spring Jumpers for 2016

Spring Jumpers for 2016



The difficulty some people have though is the way to layer your clothes effectively without seeming like you are adorning all your clothes at once and without completely color clashing your clothing outfits. The answer to this question is very simple, build up your layers in alike materials and similar colours.



As an example, select a neutral colour palette for the bulk of your layers, this might be pale shades such as browns or blues whichever your favored choice and then inject a certain amount of colour into your outfit using an accent colour such as a deep red or vivid orange with a scarf or some jewellery. This is able to tie your outfit together without you wearing an abundance of colour and keeping it all harmonized.


Photo Source


Choosing your materials is in addition very easy. Select materials which are going to work well with one another for example natural cottons with wool work effectively simply ensure that your layers are light for the reason you don’t wind up looking too bulky but once more if you want to add a small amount of volume to your look then you may just add a chunky scarf to complete your clothing outfit.


jill111 / Pixabay

As soon as you have mastered the art of layered dressing you will find it really straightforward to apply these fundamental guidelines to all your outfits making certain that you are always warm and fashionable looking.


Ladies Fashion Knitwear Online

Ladies Fashion Knitwear Online



This style of dressing will then take you very easily from one particular season to the following without continuously having to pack your clothes collection away from one season to the next and without you been required to spend a huge sum of money each year on new items as you are able to simply make an investment in significant pieces which you know you’ll get plenty of use from.


How to Layer Clothes for Winter – Final words

Therefore the next time you are shopping ensure each buy works successfully with the above guidelines and within no time you will have established a fantastic functional layered clothes which will take you all the way through the seasons.


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How to Layer Clothes for Winter