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Layering Clothes Fashion Ideas – Hot Tips to Layer Clothing

Top tips for layering.

Over the last few years there has been a new style of dressing that a lot of people have been adopting, that of layering their clothing. This has led to the popular term of lagenlook or layered clothing becoming more mainstream. Lagenlook is taken from the German word meaning layering and is a way of describing heavily layered outfits.


Layering Clothes Fashion Ideas

Layering Clothes Fashion Ideas


Whilst this would seem to be an easy look to emulate there are some fashion tips to follow otherwise your out fit can look a bit of a miss match and you can end up looking very bulky. Follow the easy tips below to achieve a flawless Lagenlook creation each time.

Layering Clothes Fashion Ideas – Red Hot Tips

1. Build up your layers flawlessly. The best way to creating a beautiful Lagenlook outfit is to carefully build up each layer. Instead of dressing in one or two bulky layers select each layer carefully to build a smooth outfit that makes you look streamlined. For example start with a long sleeved skinny t-shirt that is close fitting to the body. Over that you could add a long length tunic that doesn’t have too much volume.



As a base wear a pair of skinny pants or leggings to create a streamlined bottom. Now try adding a cropped jacket or chunky cardigan if it is cool. On top of this layer you could add a chunky scarf or jewellery. If you need a final layer then finish off with a duster coat which will give you warmth without creating too bulky an appearance. For foot wear you could have a pair of knee length or ankle boots, either will finish the outfit perfectly.


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2. Think about colour and materials. One of the best ways to create a Lagenlook outfit is by the use of colour and texture. You don’t need to add too many layers just add interest with your choice of colour and materials. For example by sticking to a muted colour palette you can easily create drama and interest and it will keep your outfit from looking too busy and cluttered.



You can use a dark base colour in a deep brown for example and then add shades of cream, mocha or white to build up the definition in your outfit. By adding a pop of colour in say orange or burnt umber with the use of a scarf or jewellery it will create a fashionable eye-catching outfit. You can also mix your textures to create interest and build up the layers, for example mixing tweeds and silks wools and cottons with each layer being in a different material.


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Layering Clothes Fashion Ideas – Final Thoughts

By just following these two basic fashion tips you can conjour up interesting, exciting Lagenlook outfits each time without looking as if you have tried too hard. Keeping the layers simple will prevent you from looking too bulky and the use of colours and textures will keep your looks fresh and unique and will mean that each outfit will be fun and interesting to create.


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Layering Clothes Fashion Ideas

How to Layer for Winter Fashionably – Layering Outfits Tips

Those people who like to follow fashion want to keep up to date of all the current trends in the fashion world. The ways you can do this is through the latest article in style magazines and checking out what’s new in window displays when carrying out your weekly retail




The winter fashions have slowly begun to become prominent in the magazines and all the shop windows are displaying the new winter trends and now its your job to find those beautiful items that will suit you best.


Lagenlook cosy scarf

Know the colours that are perfect for you this winter season.

In respesct of colour what’s in trend changes from year to year but you should still know which are the one’s that will be the most flattering one’s for you. Choose colours and materials that will match the best with your skin tone. Many ladies suit either black and
white and various shades of these colours can be blended together this season.


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The use softer greys can convey a warmer, comfortable look while the rich tones of reds are good coours to mirror the feelings of the winter season. Other colours which are in keeping with the winter climate are earthy maroons, browns and the deeper shades of blue.


Be sure to stay warm as well as being fashionable

Since winter is upon us, you need to focus on ways of keeping out the elements and staying on trend. There is no point looking wonderful if it means you become struck down with illness. Fortunately this is something fashion designers have in mind when they design the clothes for the season but be sure to check out the fabrics used to be certain. Another important factor to consider in winter fashion is your use of accessories. The right use of fashion accessories can make you look fabulous and should be an integral part of your winter wardrobe.


How to Layer for Winter Fashionably

How to Layer for Winter Fashionably

The “Must Have” Winter Item

One things for sure in wintertime coats are definitely a mainstay item. Coats arrive in all shapes and sizes including the classic, tailored variety, full length and shorter jackets. Coats can look absolutely amazing and winter lets you keep warm and look trendy in a truly stylish way.


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Pairing a coat or jacket with a beautiful hat can add that instant chic to your winter look. Don’t forget boots either as these items are perfect for many winter conditions we have to endure. Many women however just love wearing boots during the winter months as they can exert a huge fashion impact on your outfit.



Other fashionable accessories you can use to enliven your winter wardrobe gloves, scarves and hats. As well as providing the vital function of keeping you warm throughout the cool winter months they can make a real fashion statement. You can use these accessories to coordinate the colour scheme of your outfit.


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Just because it is winter does’nt mean you have to wear huge bulky coats and sweatpants. These days you can find a huge number of warm and stylish items to meet your needs. Using the process of layering increases your possibilities no end. You just have to have fun mixing and matching your favourite items to develop attractive outfits that are appropriate for the season and look truly wonderful.


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How to Layer for Winter Fashionably

Lagenlook Clothing – Using Layering to make that Special Look

Layering can be elegant and trendy when it is carried out correctly. It is additionally convenient for use in a diverse number social events. Continue reading to discover the exciting ways for how you can actually make wearing layers work successfully for yourself. While layering your clothes, make an attempt to pick clothing items which are produced from an assortment materials.


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Performing this action adds more appeal to the total look which you are trying to attain. Certain materials which can be ideal for this look are those such as denim, velvet and cotton. You additionally have the potential of wearing in layers numerous colours or alternatively you could choose to keep to the same colour although have it in diverse number of shades.


Fabric Wool Textile Texture Pattern Material

Lagenlook Clothing Style

Be certain to opt for well made pieces when layering clothing. Fairly basic clothes with defined lines can be flattering to the larger body shape. Decide on clothing items with details which deliver form. Generally, the more seams a piece of clothing possesses, the more perfect it will look on someone with a curvacious body shape.



Whilst you think of wearing your clothes in layers, you typically consider the very practical aspect of staying warmer during the winter. Nevertheless, you may furthermore layer outfits for your spring fashion season and the summer season styles in addition. Layering clothing has the potential for really enhancing your fashion look for the spring season and summer seasons. Layering your outfits is additionally a fantastic means to give life to many essential items in your wardrobe and offer them an entirely new distinctive look.


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In your lagenlook clothing style be sure to employ color to your benefit. Dark looking colors maintain a slimming impact whereas lighter colors can offer you the look of abundance. This element does not precisely signify that you may merely adorn dark looking colors but It implies that you ought to use colors for tricking the world in how you are perceived.


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Highlight aspects of your body that you approve of together with lighter and bright shades. Understate those particular things you don’t desire to exhibit with darker looking, softer shades of clothing. You may additionally make use of colour within your clothing collection for revealing your frame of mind and your unique persona. Why not be daring and use adventurous colour combinations to provide a dramatic effect.


Lagenlook tunic 18379 burnt orange
Layering clothing is a fantastic way to develop a brand new style for your clothes collection. A basic contribution of a scarf or jacket together with one another might go a long way in altering positively the overall effect of your clothing outfit. Wearing layers affords you the chance to blend and coordinate all your garments, the brand new ones together with the older ones. It presents you a good reason to employ that old top which could be gathering dust particles at the back of your wardrobe.



While wearing layers consider the colour plan you desire to bear in mind. And while you consider not every colour will work together acceptably with one another, you’ll be amazed to observe what results you truly end up with using a little experimentation. Choose a foundation colour, for example black and white can usually work as dependable selections. Following this put in more colours from this point, use some vibrant colours which are fantastic for layering your outfits however be certain not to go crazy.


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Lagenlook Clothing