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Trans Seasonal Fashion Trends – 3 Hot Layering Tips

Transitional Layering.
When it comes to creating outfits some of the hardest ones to master are for those transitional days in between two seasons when it is neither one season or the other. The transition between the Winter and Spring months can be especially difficult because temperatures can fluctuate quite erratically and you can find yourself wearing completely inappropriate clothing.


trans seasonal fashion trends

trans seasonal fashion trends


That is why layering is such an essential part of transitional dressing as it allows you to build up your outfit so you don’t need to be caught short by the weather. There are a couple of tips to follow for transitional dressing to make sure that you get it right at all times.

Trans Seasonal Fashion Trends – 3 Hot Layering Tips

1. Build up your layers with lighter fabrics. One thing that you want to make sure you do when building up your transitional layers is to make sure that you choose lighter fabrics. Wear cottons and light woolens or silks that will capture the heat and retain it but at the same time will not make you feel too bulky. Building up layers this way is ideal as you will have warmth from these fabrics and you can add or takeaway layers depending on the weather. Natural fabrics are ideal for retaining heat and work the best for as build up of layers.


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2. Think about your colour palette. One thing that often denotes the season of an outfit is the colour, for example dark reds and oranges are often worn in the Winter months where as cool pastel shades are often worn in the Spring and Summer months. To make sure that your outfit works well from one season to another add a mix of colours into your layers. Take a base colour such as a cream, grey or blue and add touches of colour from a Spring palette. This can be added with either clothes or scarves and accessories but by adding a pop of seasonal colour to your layering it is easy to update an out fit from one season to the next. This is a simple inexpensive way to update your look.


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3. Add accessories. As mentioned above accessories are a great way of creating transitional dressing. By adding a Spring scarf to you outfit you can quickly update your look. A scarf or bag in the new seasons colours is another great way of bringing the new season into your existing outfit.


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Accessories are a simple and cheap way to instantly update your wardrobe and should be used all the time. Whether you use scarves or jewellery, footwear or bags there are plenty of options to choose from to create new exciting looks.


Trans Seasonal Fashion Trends – Final Words

So as the new season approaches and you start to move from one season to the next adopt some of the transitional ways of layering to your usual routine to see how quickly and easily you can update and refresh your wardrobe to give your current outfits a sudden taste of the new season.


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Trans Seasonal Fashion Trends