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Dressing Fabulous after 40 – 3 Fabulous Over 40 Tips

Great Tips for looking fabulous at forty.

We have all heard recently that forty is the new thirty and whilst sometimes this may be true to the way you feel it isn’t always true to the way we look. Looking good when you get into your forties is not difficult , there are just a few tips that you need to follow to make sure that you are looking your best.


lagenlook peyton green scarf


Your forties are a great time to shake up your wardrobe and try out some new styles and looks so follow the tips below to really look fabulous at forty.


Dressing Fabulous after 40 – 3 Great Tips

1. Make up. A very important part of your over all look that sometimes gets forgotten about is your make up. Often it is something that you haven’t changed since your twenties, but it can be one of the most aging aspects of your overall appearance.




Once you hit forty less is definitely more when it comes to make up. You need to wear a much smaller amount and make sure that you change the colours to suit your skin tone. As we age our skin tone changes and this needs to be reflected in the way we apply make up and the colour palette we chose.


Make Up Brush


2. Get the balance right. When you are in your forties you are often juggling an awful lot. Children, careers, busy home life and your wardrobe needs to reflect all of these different roles that you play. Getting the balance between stylish and practical is an absolute must in your forties. You need to make sure that your wardrobe can take you through all the different roles you have in a fashionable and stylish way whilst still being practical.


Lagenlook scarf Corrina cream


3. Hair care. One very aging look is going grey. True it is something that you can’t stop but you can change your look very easily and eliminate grey hair as soon as it starts to appear. Hair dyes today are so easy to use and come in such a wide variety of colours that there really is no need to succumb to grey hair at all.


Haircut Hair Cut


As with make up though you have to remember that as your skin tone changers so does your hair colour. We naturally go lighter as we age so make sure that you select a hair colour that matches your natural skin colour and flatters it.


Dressing Fabulous after 40 – Final Thoughts

By following the above tips your forties can become the decade where you really come into your own. The great advantage about aging is that you become more comfortable in your own skin and know what works for you and what doesn’t.


Dressing Fabulous after 40

Dressing Fabulous after 40


Fashion wise your forties can become the most liberating time as you no longer feel the need to follow fashion, more just adapt your own personal style and look, tweaking it to make it current. Your forties can truly become the decade where you come into your own and also the decade where you have never looked so good and felt so confident.

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Dressing Fabulous after 40

40 Plus Fashion for Ladies – Over 40 Fashion 2016

Fashion over Forty.

By the time most of us get into out forties we have a pretty good idea of what suits us and what doesn’t. Once in your forties you no longer feel the need to be a slave to fashion and instead find yourself wearing clothes that fit your lifestyle, flatter your figure and are
comfortable to wear.



That said, we still want to look fashionable and feel trendy and over the last decade more and more retailers are realising what an important market the forty plus woman is and are catering more and more to their needs and desires. Fashion over forty is now big business and now more than ever is a great time to be in your forties.


Ladies Fashion Knitwear Online

Ladies Fashion Knitwear Online


There are some rules once you get into your forties that you should really follow if you want to look and feel the best that you can. They are just a few simple things that you should do to make sure that the Fashions that you are wearing suit your age, lifestyle and
make you look fabulous.


young-girl spring

40 Plus Fashion for Ladies – 3 Top Tips

1. Get the fit right. One of the most important aspects about selecting an outfit is that it fits correctly. If anything is going to make you look badly dressed it is wearing something that is not the right fit. This starts from the very first items that you put on, your underwear.


Lagenlook tunic wine


Make sure that you have the right size bra as the fit of undergarments is crucial to how the rest of your outfit will look. Then make sure that you are wearing the correct size as anything too big or too small is going to be obvious.Correctly fitting clothes are always going to give the figure a much better look and are going to be much more flattering.


fashion- clothes rack


2. Don’t try too hard. Although it is important to still follow fashion you don’t need to be a slave to it and try to hard. One of the great things about Fashion over forty is that you know what suits you and what works for you so you can take certain pieces from current looks and adapt them to your own style. This will give you a classic stylish look without looking as if you are trying to hard.



3. Buy the best you can. The good thing about being in your forties for most people is that they have a more to spend on their clothes than when they were younger. With this in mind it is a good idea to buy the best you can for your budget.


plus size shopping online


More expensive clothes will always have a better fit, materials that work better on the body and also will last much longer. Investing in some good classic pieces is always a wise move as they will stand the test of time.

40 Plus Fashion for Ladies – Final Thoughts

Fashion over forty should be about dressing with confidence, flattering your shape and feeling good about they way you look. Gone are the Fashion faux pas of younger decades, replaced with stylish elegant dressing ready to take you into your next chapter of life.


lagenlook matilda grey scarf


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40 Plus Fashion for Ladies

Fashion Tips for Ladies Over 40 – 3 Top Style Tips

Top Fashion Tips for Women over 40.

Age is no barrier today for looking trendy and fashionable. Unlike people from previous generations who would get to middle age and feel that fashion was then not for them, now most people want to stay looking young and trendy.



This is all well and good but sometimes we all need a bit of advise as to what constitutes young and trendy and what is going to make us look like mutton dressed as lamb. Once we hit forty there are a few fashion tips to take heed of so that we continue to look fashionable but in age appropriate clothing. Below are the top tips to follow if you want to look fashionable in your forties.


Lagenlook Muriel blue scarf

Fashion Tips for Ladies Over 40 – 3 Top Style Tips

1. Don’t flash too much flesh. Once we get into our forties it is important to remember that not too much flesh should be on show. Even if you still have the figure of some one in their early twenties you don’t want to dress like that.


base layers


Always wear items that cover you up a little bit. Yes it is still perfectly acceptable to wear a shorter skirt but think about wearing thicker tights and boots or leggings. Also if you are going to wear a top that is a little lower cut then don’t wear a skirt that is short. Think of only showing a small amount of flesh at one time.


Vintage Actress Collage Edwardian Old Antique


2. Think about your colours. As we age our hair colour and skin tome automatically change. Once you are in your forties the youthful blush of your early years tends to go so it is important to think about what colours you choose to put next to your skin.


how to get the lagenlook

Although colour is still very flattering, think about colours that aren’t going to drain you of your own natural colour. Stay away from too many neon bright shades and think about swapping black for navy, brown or grey.

3. Modify your high fashion looks. You can still look young and trendy in your forties and still follow fashion, you just have to think about editing it a little bit more to make it age appropriated. Whilst in your teens and twenties you can get away with anything and still
generally look great in your forties you have to tame high fashion a little bit to make it work for you.


Eyes Woman Fashion Beautiful


Most retailers now understand that being in your forties plus is not old and so have started to cater a lot more for this age group. Skinny jeans will still look fabulous on someone in their forties just make sure that they are teamed with a longer length top for example.


Fashion Tips for Ladies Over 40 – Final Thoughts

Whilst you should never let your age stop you from looking and feeling fabulous you do have to think a little bit more about what you are wearing but with a small amount of research and some careful buying you can go into your forties looking and feeling amazing.


Fashion Tips for Ladies Over 40

Fashion Tips for Ladies Over 40


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Fashion Tips for Ladies Over 40

Lagenlook Plus Size Clothing Fashion Tips

Lagenlook Clothing for Plus size fashion.

Over the last few years a style of fashion has spread that has become increasingly popular in the plus size fashion world. This style of clothing is called Lagenlook or layered look and is all about building up a look layer by layer to create a look unique to you. Whilst this style is very easy to create, it is important to get the layering effect right so as to create the most flattering look as you don’t want your layers to give you too bulky an end result. With careful styling and dressing for your shape this is a style of clothing that can give you a unique and flattering style.


Lagenlook two piece tunic brown 7191


Lagenlook Plus Size Clothing – Beautiful Tunics

Therefore before you begin you need to understand your shape and what works best for you, where you carry the most weight and what are your best points to emphasize. If for example you carry most of your weight around your bust and have a slimmer torso and legs then you need to wear something that has a scooped neckline which will be much more flattering such as the lagenlook two piece brown tunic.


markusspiske / Pixabay


This tunic will be very flattering for someone with a larger bust as the deep scooped neckline will help draw attention away from the bust area. This piece can be worn over a skinny jean of legging so as to focus to eye on your slimmer bottom half. If you carry more of your weight on the bottom rather than the top then you need to wear something such as the Lagenlook red dress. This dress is ideal for a bottom heavy shape as it skims over the hips and tummy area. It can be styled again with a legging or skinny jean and long length boot or ankle boot. Add a chunky necklace or scarf and you have created a stylish yet flattering look.


Lagenlook dress 753 red

Lagenlook Plus Size Clothing – Basic Rules

To style for your shape you just have to remember some basic rules. Always draw attention to your best assets and minimise your less flattering areas. Top heavy ladies need to draw attention away from the bust area. If you are apple shaped then wear longer lines, don’t go for pieces that finish at your heaviest points such as cropped jackets.


LoganArt / Pixabay


Wear slimmer shapes on the bottom if you have chunky legs and thighs. Try to avoid cropped or flared pants if this is where you carry most of your weight. Pear shaped ladies need to draw attention upwards away from larger hips and bottoms but can do so by emphasizing smaller waists with cropped jackets.


ddalki3003 / Pixabay

Lagenlook Plus Size Clothing – Final Thoughts

Whatever your shape there are ways and means to create the lagenlook and still look stylish and individual. Just remember the above rules of dressing for your shape and you will create your perfect, stylish look that is unique to you.

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Lagenlook Plus Size Clothing

Sandwich Clothing Autumn Winter 2015 Top Buys

At the time we begin to move into the latter stages of the Autumn/Winter months our thoughts automatically look to our wardrobes and what we shall be wearing over the approaching season. We require to decide which items we will be able to keep hold of in our clothes collection from the existing season and what pieces need replacing or alternatively what pieces we desire to purchase. With this in mind presented here are the top ideas for Autumn dressing this clothing season and for what key pieces you have to make an investment in for the coming months.

Sandwich Clothing Autumn Winter 2015 Best Buys

1. The Jacket. This season one of the key looks for Autumn winter season is a jacket. More versatile in contrast to a long heavy coat, this seasons jackets will maintain you warm and cosy on cool days with out being overly heavy and bulky and if you purchase the right style then they are able to still be smart and trendy.



Two styles to select from is the tweed short jacket. Straightforward to style with jeans and boots for a casual look or with a brilliant shift dress and heels for a more formal look. One more style jacket is the long zebra print jacket. The longer length is straightforward to adorn in both a casual or formal way over trousers or otherwise dresses and skirts. The flattering cut causes it to be a vital item to reside in your Autumn/Winter wardrobe.


Sandwich clothing pants 551377-16247 warm grey


2. The Trousers. Still greatly crucial within your clothes collection, the correct trousers will take you from day to nighttime fairly effortlessly and are good work or leisure wear. This season remains all about the long straight leg ideal to wear with either ankle or long length boots and an extremely flattering fit for many figures. Wear with jackets or perhaps tunics depending on the appearance you are creating, an excellent pair of trousers is a clothing essential.


Sandwich clothing dress 591465-14422


3. The Dress. Following a few years away the dress is genuinely back on trend in a big way. Always complimentary and adaptable, the dress is ideal wear for a day at the office, dine with friends or an evening out and with clever buying you can purchase a dress that does all three dependent on how you style it.



Some of this seasons favourites have amazing prints and colors , pair with long boots or heels, leggings or dramatic colored tights, dress your dress your way to create your own feeling of style.

Sandwich Clothing Autumn Winter 2015 Top Buys – Final Words

Therefore if you’re looking to refresh a number of your favorite clothing outfits this season all you have to do is make an investment in a number of essential items that will really bring up to date your clothing and your look for the approaching months arriving.

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Sandwich Clothing Autumn Winter 2015

How to Wear Lagenlook Clothing? – Easy ways to Lagenlook Stylish Dressing

Have you ever looked at somebody in the street or a magazine and thought they look so stylish and individual in their way of dressing how do they do it or I wish I could dress and look like that, well you can. The art of an individual sense of style is something that can be learned very easily.The art of dressing stylishly is so simple once you have mastered it, it will then become second nature to you. There are various rules to stylish dressing and below I am going to discuss them and show you how you can turn these simple rules into always looking and feeling your best




How to Wear Lagenlook Clothing? – What You Need to Know

The problem is so many times we go shopping with no real idea in mind as to what we are looking for and we then make purchases that are not suitable for us or we would never wear, whilst many of us have wardrobes are too eclectic to really define any one look.
Therefore, one of the first rules of stylish dressing is know what works for you and stick to it. To do this you have to understand your body shape and what suits your colouring and your age.



If for example you are on the petite side then you need to make sure that you choose clothes that do not drown your shape, so tailored clothing will work better on your shape and avoid prints that are too fussy. If you have a statuesque figure on the other hand then long lines and bold prints will work very well for you. When you have mastered your body shape you will always then choose clothes that fit well and this will automatically make you look more stylish as you will have more confidence and carry yourself better and this will straight away give you a more stylish look.



Fashion Women Cartoon Illustration

Another way to look more stylish is to stick to a colour palette that works for you. Often sticking to more muted shades will give you a more stylish look as each item of clothing will blend in well with the next and items will not jar with each other. This style of dressing will automatically give you more clean lines which again always looks more stylish. Clothes that are too busy often detract from each other so by keeping it simple it will give you a more stylish appearance.



 lagenlook tunic blue

How to Wear Lagenlook Clothing? – Final Words

Once you have mastered these simple rules for dressing, then you will find that it is easier to dress, you do not make as many fashion blunders and buy too many inappropriate clothes and it will give you more confidence in your look and give you the stylish look that you have envied in other people.

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How to Wear Lagenlook

Sandwich Clothing Winter 2015 Collection – Essential Items

Sandwich have for many years been viewed as the go to label for fashion lovers who want to establish their own unique sense of style. They consistently create stand out pieces which give a special yet simple to wear look and this season they have created several amazing must have pieces.

Sandwich Clothing Winter 2015 Collection – Must haves

1 The Cardigan. No winter outfit would be finished without the classic cardigan and Sandwich have designed a gorgeous boucle inspired grey and black cardigan for this season that ticks all the fashion boxes.This short length cardigan is a real must and will be an ideal item to have in your clothes collection.The thickness of the knit and warmth causes it to be incredibly versatile to wear as a coat alternative. This gorgeous item may be worn on top of dresses or maybe paired with skinny jeans and boots for an excellent casual look. A must have item for your clothing,this cardigan is an item that you will pull out time after time.

2 The Jumper. This fashion season has been everything to do with color and one colour which has genuinely stood out has been the beautiful browns which The sandwich clothing company have used continually throughout their clothes collection. One design this beautiful color has are available has been their wool jumper. This flexible long sleeved wool jumper will add a touch of colour to every outfit.


Slow Fashion Definition

The v neck design causes it to be a perfect layering item and it is perfect to adorn in an off-the-cuff way with jeans or perhaps dressed up with skirts. Add layers with long sleeved t-shirts or otherwise dress with crisp white shirts this is an item which will provide instantaneous style and colour to your winter season clothes collection. An ideal must have piece for your winter clothes that can be adorned with skirts and trousers or maybe on top of a dress excellent whichever way you want to be wearing it.

3 The Trouser. This winter the skinny leg trouser is still reigning supreme in the style stakes and Sandwich have produced an entire range of skinny leg trousers. Definitely one of their best pairs are the light grey skinny cotton stretch pants in the softest of velvets. They are ideal for wearing dressed up or dressed down.


Sandwich Fashion Clothing  Label 2


They work successfully together with ankle boots or even long length boots however are also excellent together with a high heel. The satin look gives them a great evening feel and they’re super comfy for wearing. They are an ideal fit with the grey boucle cardigan and are an absolute essential for you winter wardrobe.

Sandwich Clothing Winter 2015 Collection – Final Words

As a result in the event you are looking to renew your winter wardrobe take a look at your regional Sandwich retailer for the superb winter pieces which they have in store right now.

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Beautiful Ladies Clothing

Lagenlook Fashion Clothing – Dressing for your Age

As we grow older, it starts to become increasingly more of an issue to dress for your age and still be fashionable. These days individuals remain much younger for for much longer and due to this individuals are way more aware of fashion and of wishing to look trendy but without looking as they are dressed for someone much younger or possibly a great deal older.




Over 40 Lagenlook Dressing

Where years before there where definite looks for specific decades, fashion and dressing is no longer such as that and currently people can pass for much younger due to the styles that they opt for. As an example for ladies now in their 40’s with teenage daughters they will be able to go shopping with one another in the same shops and still find items to match both age ranges.



This is for the reason that retailers are currently aware to the very fact that the over 40 customer wants to be fashionable and trendy as has finances to spend for doing just that. The golden rule for dressing for your age whilst still being trendy is wearing items that are appropriate for yourself. This is where the Lagenlook technique of being dressed truly forges ahead as it truly is a ageless way of being dressed.


The Lagenlook Technique

For example take a piece such as a long length tunic and hareem style pants.These 2 items of clothing can appear fashionable on any age younger ladies can pair the tunic together with skinny jeans and the hareem pants together with a cropped top and layered t-shirts whilst older women may style the 2 items with one another and use scarves or alternatively necklaces to add to the ensemble.



The layered look or Lagen look is an uncomplicated comfortable style of appearing stylish at any specific age while creating your own idea of style. Age is not any limit on this style of dressing and you can try out colours and prints to truly outline your ensemble. Although as we grow older the skin tends to become more sallow consequently it is advisable to permit the younger lady dress in the acid bright colors that may drain a more mature skin and older ladies stick to more flattering muted and pastel colours.


Lagenlook Fashion Clothing - Dressing for your Age

Lagenlook Fashion Clothing – Dressing for your Age

Lagenlook Fashion Clothing – Dressing for your Age – Final words

As illustrated there exist plenty of methods to be dressed fashionably for your age it just needs the understanding of knowing exactly what looks good for you and also how to adapt fashion and style developments to fit your age bracket.


Stainless Background White


When you have recognized this you may consistently choose fashionable pieces whilst being certain that you are sporting something that appears fantastic and has you looking fashionable without looking as if you are sporting something that is way too young for you.


fashion over 40

fashion over 40


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Lagenlook Fashion

Fashion For Over 40 – Ladies Stylish Clothing Beyond 40

Discovering great fashion for over 40 is not continually as simple as it may appear. The majority of the latest fashion out there is aimed at the 30 and below generation and the style that’s aimed at the forty plus age band can often be old fashioned and out-of-date.



For today’s modern woman, the phrase forever forty is synonymous with a brand new way of dressing. It’s a style for ladies who take care of themselves and look and feel fabulous, even as their 40’s decade nears. Forever forty is now a time for celebration, when women often feel and look better that at any time and desire there clothes to illustrate this. Therefore where is the best fashion for over 40.


Winter Accessories For Women

Fashion For Over 40: What Is Out There?

There are many brands that encapsulate this look and mode of dressing. Sandwich and Mado et les Autres are 2 brands that suit today’s forever forty lady. They are attire that have a quirky, individual design nevertheless such that the customer can add their own personal twist to.


Lagenlook tunic wine


Tunics and leggings have previously been a popular look for the last few years and demonstrate no signs of abating. This design allows today’s lady to be dressed in a more casual and practical way, but continue to look trendy and fashionable.


Theatre Mannequin Museum


The layered look that these brands permit is a different method of encapsulating a fashionable, yet age appropriate way to dress and style yourself. Adjustments are able to be made employing scarves and accessories to give your look a cutting edge.


plus size shopping online


An example of this is the Sandwich clothing warm coral scarf. This sort of accessory is truly multi-functional. It can be worn around the waist along with a belt over it to offer a very edgy design, or worn in the more traditional way of a neck scarf.



fashion over 40

fashion over 40

An added brand, Simclan have a further look which encapsulates the forever 40. There Simclan Capri trousers is a high fashion look that fits well for the forever forty woman. It is able to be styled with wedge heels and a shirt for an evening look or ankle boot for casual daytime clothing. An different classic look is the Sandwich clothing cardigan in nightfall.



It’s a style that works perfectly with the classic Sandwich pant, nevertheless would also look just as as good with a wide leg linen trouser, a different staple of the forty-something wardrobe. To encapsulate the forever forty look, mix classic with quirky, individual pieces to present your own distinctive sense of style.



Fashion For Over 40: Final thoughts.

As mentioned above, today’s forty plus woman is looking to be dressed for her lifestyle and how she feels about herself. She is someone who has a larger disposable income and a more discerning feeling of style. She knows what she wants, what suits her and is ready to spend a little additional on classic clothes that are timeless, well made and possess a look and fit that’s complimentary to her age and style.


Lagenlook vermillion necklace


The presented above brands embody everything about today’s fabulous forever forty woman. A savior for many of us has been the advent of the internet which if you know where precisely to search can offer a really vibrant array of fashion for over 40.



Spring Jumpers for 2016

Spring Jumpers for 2016


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Fashion For Over 40

How to Buy a Hot Dress Online? – Choose a Dress to Suit Your Style

Are you asking where to buy a dress for a wedding guest or for some alternative occasion. One thing numerous ladies adore about shopping on-line is the broad variety of dresses which are at your finger tips. If you live in a region where there are not many places to buy, then online shopping may be your ticket to locating hot new dresses that fit your design – and your body type.


How to Buy a Hot Dress Online

How to Buy a Hot Dress Online


Many on-line shoppers have abandoned the stores and turned to convenient Internet shopping to locate fantastic deals on dresses, lingerie, evening wear and a good deal more You too can locate nearly any dress style, size, color and furthermore material online, and customarily at a tremendous discount. As an alternative of searching desperately through infinite racks of garments that aren’t even your size, you may locate specific dress designs and sizes with the straightforward click of a mouse! Although first, you need to know how to buy on the internet. Below are some excellent tips that could discovering that ideal dress with the design and price you wish.


How to Buy a Hot Dress Online? – Locate Dresses by means of On-line Searches

If you at present understand what sort of dress you would like, you can narrow your search via the search engines by keying in specific keywords related to that dress style. For example, if you desire a big trapeze-style brown strapless dress, do not merely sort the words “brown dress” into a search engine. You will receive thousands of results showing all types of brown dresses. As an alternative, input the whole phrase in quotes to get more particular results. If you desire a tiny red stretch gown, key in the total phrase in quotes.



Ladies Fashion Dresses for the over 50s



A further way to do specific searches is to shop at an online store for dresses and also other women’s fashion items. A number of “dress-shop” online shops often offer an assortment of goods such as dresses, plus size fashions, lingerie, watches, shirts and skirts, underwear and furthermore thongs, Capri pants, denim wear, evening wear and more. Some online stores even offer fantastic offers and have special offers like a “free scarf with a dress purchase” or alternatively another similar kind of discount special.


schaerfsystem / Pixabay

schaerfsystem / Pixabay


Ordering the Right Dress – The First Time!

When thinking of online shopping sites for dresses, one problem that an on-line shopper encounters when looking for excellent dresses is that, when the dress arrives, she discovers that it doesn’t fit perfectly. Then, it is a hassle to ship it back to the company or manufacturer if returns are accepted. Be certain to clarify the returns policy on the website you order from.


Vintage Victorian Background


Try on some dresses to locate styles and sizes you prefer. Take account of the materials, sleeves, measurements, and sizes of the dresses as well. Even if the dress is costly at the shop, you might have the ability to locate the exact same design on-line at a hugely cheaper price. Undertaking this may save you time and money in the long run because you will know if you adore the dress and design before making an order.



How to Buy a Hot Dress Online? – Gifts for the Holidays or Exceptional Occasions

Another advantage of shopping on-line for dresses and other red hot fashion items is you can even buy gifts for others at a good reduction. Holidays, birthdays, anniversaries, thank you gifts, etc.  There is often gifts for every occasion and many online stores have a sale section. And, you will save time and money as you may shop from your house any time of the day! Using the best online shopping for dresses sites to buy hot and trendy clothes provides a good opportunity to find the styles and sizes you require without spending very much.


3 Secrets for Flattering a Fuller Figure

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How to Buy a Hot Dress Online?