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Dressing Fabulous after 40 – 3 Fabulous Over 40 Tips

Great Tips for looking fabulous at forty.

We have all heard recently that forty is the new thirty and whilst sometimes this may be true to the way you feel it isn’t always true to the way we look. Looking good when you get into your forties is not difficult , there are just a few tips that you need to follow to make sure that you are looking your best.


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Your forties are a great time to shake up your wardrobe and try out some new styles and looks so follow the tips below to really look fabulous at forty.


Dressing Fabulous after 40 – 3 Great Tips

1. Make up. A very important part of your over all look that sometimes gets forgotten about is your make up. Often it is something that you haven’t changed since your twenties, but it can be one of the most aging aspects of your overall appearance.




Once you hit forty less is definitely more when it comes to make up. You need to wear a much smaller amount and make sure that you change the colours to suit your skin tone. As we age our skin tone changes and this needs to be reflected in the way we apply make up and the colour palette we chose.


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2. Get the balance right. When you are in your forties you are often juggling an awful lot. Children, careers, busy home life and your wardrobe needs to reflect all of these different roles that you play. Getting the balance between stylish and practical is an absolute must in your forties. You need to make sure that your wardrobe can take you through all the different roles you have in a fashionable and stylish way whilst still being practical.


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3. Hair care. One very aging look is going grey. True it is something that you can’t stop but you can change your look very easily and eliminate grey hair as soon as it starts to appear. Hair dyes today are so easy to use and come in such a wide variety of colours that there really is no need to succumb to grey hair at all.


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As with make up though you have to remember that as your skin tone changers so does your hair colour. We naturally go lighter as we age so make sure that you select a hair colour that matches your natural skin colour and flatters it.


Dressing Fabulous after 40 – Final Thoughts

By following the above tips your forties can become the decade where you really come into your own. The great advantage about aging is that you become more comfortable in your own skin and know what works for you and what doesn’t.


Dressing Fabulous after 40

Dressing Fabulous after 40


Fashion wise your forties can become the most liberating time as you no longer feel the need to follow fashion, more just adapt your own personal style and look, tweaking it to make it current. Your forties can truly become the decade where you come into your own and also the decade where you have never looked so good and felt so confident.

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Dressing Fabulous after 40

Fashionable Clothes for Over 40 – Style Over 40

It really does not matter what age you are age you have the power to dress in a fashionable way and look amazing. Many people have the wrong idea that fashion is only for the younger ladies, but the truth is that looking good is not only possible but vital at any age. When a lady is fashionable she is confident, holds herself with certain amount of elegance.


Fashionable Clothes for Over 40

Fashionable Clothes for Over 40

It is true that some bolder trends like dresses that hug the figure and super short skirts may only look good on younger women, but if you dress in an age-appropriately manner it is easy to realize your aim of dressing in a stylish and graceful way. In addition to to updating your wardrobe you should not forget to update your hairstyle to be certain to achieve that overall beautiful look.


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Fashionable Clothes for Over 40 – Empower Yourself

Being dressed well can leave the over 40’s woman with a whole new feeling of being empowered and can also leave a lasting impression on the people around you and strangers alike. So, simply because you’re over the age of 40 doesn’t now mean you must adopt old lady clothes that look boring and drab. These days a great many over 40’s women lead exciting full lives with nights out on the town lots of dinner dates with their partners and many social events that demand dressing for the occasion. This in turn requires
having a wardrobe that is able to cope with all these kind of situations.


Your Personal Look

One element that is of equal importance in your selection of dress is the aspect of comfort. Feeling comfortable with the clothes you are wearing is crucial if you are going to exude that confidence and stylish look. To look fashionable over 40 it is not a requirement to always be dressed in the latest styles but you do need a wardrobe reflects who you are and your uniqueness. You also need to wear clothes that are suited to your particular body type and skin tone. The secret to looking wonderful past forty is making the changes in your clothing that will make the difference in the right away.



Getting the Right Fit

One thing that women over 40 should consider in the process of choosing outfits is being sure to get the right fit. As you mature this becomes even more important aspect of your fashion styling. Being over 40 there are certain parts of the body you may not wish to
emphasize thus having that perfect fit is crucial.



Shirt dresses can be a great call beyond 40 and for those ladies who feel a bit self conscious about revealing bare legs tailored pants can work wonderfully. Wrap dresses can be especially effective outfits for the over 40’s woman through defining the waistline and adding support to the bust. These outfits can work superbly for casual social events or even parties.





Fashionable Clothes for Over 40 – Final Thoughts

Highlighted here are some incredibly useful tips and tricks by which an over 40’s woman can use to look fashionable and on trend. Some of the best fashion advice for ladies over 40 is to wear well designed outfits with clothes of a high quality nature. Steer clear of displaying too much bare flesh and be sure your makeup is age appropriate. While it may may be true that you are as old as you feel be very careful when dressing over 40 that you dress sense doesn’t make it seem that you feel 21. Dress in the correct way and you will exude style and elegance in abundance and have all the heads turning for all the right reasons.


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Fashionable Clothes for Over 40