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3 Hot Plus Size Fashion Trends for 2016

Fashion is constantly changing and sometimes it its hard to keep up. Just when you have got on board with what is hot for one season, the next season is upon us and it all changes again.



Therefore below are 3 hot fashion trends in the plus size market for Spring 2016. By mixing these trends into your existing wardrobe you will instantly be on trend without too much hassle and ready for the new season ahead.


Plus Size Fashion Trends for 2016

Plus Size Fashion Trends for 2016

3 Hot Plus Size Fashion Trends for 2016

1. Colour. The big plus size fashion trend for Spring 2016 is colour and colour used in different ways. Firstly colour as a contrasting or clashing look. This is a big trend this season and it is very easy to follow this look. Contrasting colours work really well together and
really inject a fresh look into your wardrobe.


Lagenlook Style for Spring Collections

Lagenlook Style for Spring Collections

You can contrast pieces from your current wardrobe with some new pieces of this season to instantly update your look. Bright colours are also a hot look for 2016. If you are brave enough go head to toe in bright shades but for those who aren’t quite so brave try adding a super bright accessory such as a scarf, piece of jewellery or bag. Which ever way you chose to go by adding a pop of bright colour to your out fit you will look bang on trend.



2. Prints. Always on trend this seasons prints are just what you need to instantly update your look. Go for prints with a hint of neon brightness to really refresh your look. Even just adding a simple scarf is a great way to introduce this trend to your wardrobe.


lagenlook tunic grey white


Although floral prints are often a staple for the Spring and Summer months why not try adding polka dots as an exciting alternative. If you are feeling really daring try clashing this seasons must have prints to add the real wow factor to your outfit.


schaerfsystem / Pixabay

schaerfsystem / Pixabay


3. Keep it tailored. The final trend for plus size fashion for Spring 2016 is tailored clothing. Think pencil skirts, jackets, fitted dresses. Anything that is fitted or tailored is on trend this Spring. This is a great fashion trend for the season ahead and it is one that always allows for a really flattering look.


dress to your body shape


Plus size ladies should always think about wearing more fitted garments anyway as they show the body shape much more than something big and over-sized, which in turn will always provide a much more streamlined look. This is a great look for day or evening wear. Tailored clothes will always show off your assets whilst helping to minimise your extras.


Hot Plus Size Fashion Trends for 2016 – Final Thoughts

So start getting ready for Spring 2016 by adding one or more of the above new season trends into your wardrobe. These quick and easy tips can fit easily into your existing wardrobe and will bring your look bang on trend .



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Plus Size Fashion Trends for 2016

3 Secrets for Flattering a Fuller Figure

3 Rules for Flattering a Fuller Figure.

Often plus size ladies feel that he easiest way to dress is by wearing something that covers them from head to toe which they feel just hides all the imperfections. This however is not the case at all and sometimes can make people seem much bigger than they actually are.


Fashion Business Banner


There are some fashion rules that should be adhered to if you are plus size and what to make the most out of your shape, whilst also getting the best from your wardrobe. Everybody regardless of size should follow fashion rules as a way of looking good so below are three fashion rules for flattering a fuller figure.

3 Secrets for Flattering a Fuller Figure

1. Show your curves. As mentioned before, a lot of ladies dress in big, shapeless items to just conceal their figure but sometimes this is doing them no favours at all. It is far better to embrace your curves so as to show off your shape as this will give a far more flattering silohoutte over all. Think about wrap dresses that draw you in at the waist or fitted jackets that give you a waist line.


3 Secrets for Flattering a Fuller Figure


Stay away from trousers that are too tight and leggings and instead go for a wider leg trouser that will skim over the body. By showing your curves you will balance out your body. If you are top heavy then v- necks will draw the eye away from a larger bust. If you carry more weight on the bottom then go for items that draw the eye upwards.



2. Think about your use of colour and print. People often make the mistake of thinking that black is the best colour to wear to slim you. Whilst although black can be slimming you should not dress in it from head to toe. Black can be quite a hard colour to wear especially as you get older and the tone of your skin changes. Instead go for neutral colours such as grey, navy or brown which can be far more flattering.


Lagenlook top 1713 brown


Wearing brighter accent colours on your best features and plainer colours on the parts of your body you want to minimize is a great trick as it will draw the eye to where you want to be seen. Also although a busy print can work as an optical illusion and distract the eye, don’t be tempted to dress from head to toe in print, break up your outfit with either a bold plain colour or a completely complimentary neutral shade.


Stainless Background White


3. Think about accessories. Accessories can be the plus size ladies greatest friend when it comes to designing a flattering outfit. A well placed scarf can work wonders for covering the tops of the arms or a large bust.


Lagenlook disc pendant necklace


Great accessories will draw the eye and add the wow factor to an outfit. This is also the same for jewellery. Large chunky beads can look amazing on the plus size lady. Think about adding accessories to your outfit to see how it can be transformed.

3 Secrets for Flattering a Fuller Figure – Final Thoughts

By sticking to these three rules you can easily create fashionable, flattering outfits and luck stunning every time. The think to remember is to dress with confidence, highlight your strong points and be proud of your curves.



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Secrets for Flattering a Fuller Figure

How to Wear Plus Size Fashion – Plus Size Style Inspiration

For those that adore fashion being fuller figured can be truly annoying in many ways. Nonetheless, plus size ladies ought to take heart as you may be truly trendy no matter what your figure is. The plus size market has increased such a lot that even if you have limited resources nowadays you are able to discover numerous outstanding clothing items. In the article here, we can check out the revolutionary ways a plus-size woman can put together her clothing outfits to get her talked about in the correct way.



How to Wear Plus Size Fashion – Using your Inspiration

One particular element the full figured woman needs to take stock of is she must use her inspiration to highlight the natural body curves whilst at the same time employ techniques to hide any uncomplimentary aspects of the body. One miscalculation that is frequently made in fuller figured dressing is the wearing of enormous, loose-fitting clothing all over with the thought of hiding the body. Though all this achieves is to draw the eye to the total volume of the body consequently really reversing the intention you chosen in the first place.


Lagenlook tunic 18379 burnt orange


One vital matter to think about is that fuller figured bodies aren’t all the same, you have to understand which is your specific figure and then dress accordingly. If a facet of your body frame is that you’ve a bulging stomach region , then you have to concentrate on outfits which work successfully to get rid of this characteristic as much as you are able to. Equally if it is the case that you’ve a big butt which you aren’t content with then focus your attention in this section.


girl-green eyes


If you are petite plus size, you might well have the option to use regular sizes in alternative ways. This could be illustrated in the way Capri pants are often utilized by petite plus-sized ladies and precisely how fairly short skirts that are considered regular sized can be modified for fitting about the waist in a fashion that may be seen as a modest dress. Try things out on your own with regular sized items of clothing and you might well be somewhat astonished at some of the outcomes.



In concluding, the tricks of wearing and developing plus-size fashion outfits is to be sure you compliment those body parts you love and adorn outfits that slot in with your way of living. You should be certain to check out the newest seasons fashions within the plus size marketplace so that you are ready with a minimum of the critical items for every new clothing season. Dressing for full-figured ladies these days is all about the enjoyment of the shopping experience as it’s so much easier to locate those trendy fantastic items.

How to Wear Plus Size Fashion – Final words

Just because of the fact you’re a plus sized woman doesn’t signify you have restricted selections anymore. There is such a lot of space for you to express your individualism, especially if you are the kind of woman who wants to let her creative abilities run free. Don’t just run with everybody else form your own look that displays your persona and unique perspective then persist in continuing to establish it.


Lagenlook tunic 7966 blue

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How to Wear Plus Size Fashion