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Plus Size Lagenlook Fashion Clothing UK

Over the last few years retailers have finally realized that a large percentage of the shopping demographic is made up of people wanting plus size clothing. Were at one time there was a small, limited choice for this group of customers, the range of clothing has expanded greatly now offering a much greater and more fashionable range than ever before. One range of clothing to emerge from this market is the style of Lagenlook clothing. This is clothing that has a layered look to it and is an easy and versatile way to dress and one that has been embraced by the plus size market.


Plus Size Lagenlook Fashion Clothing UK

Plus Size Lagenlook Fashion Clothing UK

Plus Size Lagenlook Fashion Clothing UK – The Lagenlook Style



Lagenlook fashion offers the consumer simple, easy pieces to wear whilst being able to adapt it to your own look and unique style. As with all fashion styles though there are certain things that should be adhered too if you want this look to work well for you. Below we shall look at a few fashion rules for plus size ladies who want to dress in the Lagenlook style.

2 Secrets to Plus Size Fashion

1. Dress for your shape. Regardless of your size, you should always dress for the shape of your body. Generally the fashion world has adopted a few shapes that most people will fit into. The apple, the pear, the triangle. the hour glass and the rectangle are the most common indicators for people to use when deciding what their body shape is.


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It is important to address this issue before buying clothes as what will work well for a pear shape will not work well for an apple and so on. Therefore decide on your body shape first and it will save you making costly mistakes later on.



2. Don’t try to hide your shape. One mistake a lot of plus size people make when dressing is trying too hard to hide their figure. There is often an assumption that dressing in big baggy clothes will make you look better when infact this does the opposite. Everybody regardless of size has good points and so you need to emphasize those.


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Wearing something that just covers you from head to toe just gives a tent like look to your appearance so choose something more fitted that will show off your figure and actually make you appear smaller. A lot of people assume that the Lagenlook is just about covering up but infact you can layer clothes very easliy and flatteringly if you use tighter fitting layers.

Plus Size Lagenlook Fashion Clothing UK – Final Thoughts

So by adopting the fashion points above you can dress very easily in the Lagenlook style regardless of your size. Plus size customers can look amazing in this style of fashion by just remembering to dress for their particular body shape and by not trying to hide their natural shape under too many big, baggy pieces. Remember with clever styling this is a trend that can look fantastic and completely unique and will enable you to create your own sense of style in a way that highlights the best of you.


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