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Winter Knitwear 2015 Trends – Plus Size Lagenlook Knitwear Fashion

Winter knitwear 2015 trends

As the Winter days start getting shorter and temperatures start to drop it is that time of the year to start thinking about buying some Winter knitwear to see you through the next few cold months. Knitwear is generally something that you need to buy each year as it is often the pieces in your wardrobe that will get the most wear. Therefore investing in the right pieces early on in the season is an absolute must. You always need to make sure that you are ready with some really warm pieces to hand for when the temperatures suddenly drop.


Lagenlook funnel neck coatigan grey

Winter Knitwear 2015 Trends – What’s Changed?

Winter knitwear is now becoming ever more popular in the fashion world. In the past it may have been viewed as a bit frumpy and old faashioned. These days there are some really inspirational knitwear styles available. The newer styles have fantastic shape and design In fact it is the exact opposite of what you may think of when people mention knitwear. Winter is traditionally the season that this look comes into its own, however it can look fabulous in spring and autumn too. There are many exciting trends to look forward to for the coming year, with a good range of knitwear styles being among the hottest fashion items.


Lagenlook open-front striped cardigan


With this in mind you need to think about what type of knitwear you are going to need and what will be the best pieces to buy to get you through the entire Winter. Below area few pieces that you could think about getting to update your wardrobe whilst keeping you warm and cosy.


Winter Knitwear 2015 Trends – The Newest trends

1. The over sized cardigan. The over sized cardigan is a real essential for your Winter wardrobe as it is a really versatile piece of clothing that can be worn in many different ways. For a lot of people an over sized cardigan takes the place of a Winter coat when worn with lots of layers underneath. For people who are running from car to warm work place and back again there is often no need to have a heavy Winter coat as an over sized cardigan can be just as good. Go for a long length style that will really allow you to layer up, you will find that it can be worn with trousers or dresses can be smart or casual and will be something that you will wear constantly.


Lagenlook waterfall cardigan


2. Long length jumper. Another essential for your Winter wardrobe is the long length jumper. Choosing a slightly over sized one will enable you to put lots of layers underneath for extra warmth. This is an ideal layering piece that will look fantastic with boots and skinny jeans and is great for casual attire. Again if you do not want to wear heavy coats a long length jumper can be just as effective if you layer correctly. Wear with a chunky scarf to round off your look and you have a really versatile outfit to keep you warm all Winter long.


Lagenlook cosy scarf

Winter Knitwear 2015 Trends – Final Words

There are so many styles and designs of knitwear to choose from that you will be spoiled for choice but by investing in the pieces above you will have two versatile essential pieces to see you all through the Winter months.

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Winter Knitwear 2015 Trends