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Lagenlook plus size style tips for Spring

Lagenlook styling has become increasingly popular over the last few years as it is a simple yet effective way of disguising those unwanted lumps and bumps of the body.

The trend has spread rapidly in the plus size clothing market because of the ease of styling but there are one or two points to remember when styling Lagenlook clothing for plus size because if not styled correctly in can have a tendency to make a person look larger than they actually are.


Unsplash / Pixabay

Unsplash / Pixabay


If you are unsure about how to dress in the Lagenlook style then follow the tips below and you will soon discover how easy it is and how great you can look.




Lagenlook plus size style tips for Spring


1. Dress for your body shape. No matter what your size everybody has a specific body shape. Whether you are short and curvy or tall and rectangular, your  body shape will determine what styles you should be dressing in.

Although a lot of Lagenlook clothes that are on the market are just over large free sizes that fit everyone whether a size 10 or 24 just slipping one of these on is not the right way to go. You need to asses your body shape and then dress accordingly.




If you are tall and broad shouldered then you can carry off something with a lot more volume and length than a much shorter person so think about your body shape before you buy.


Lagenlook plus size

Lagenlook styling for Spring


2. Think about creating curves. Again when dressing in the Lagenlook style you want to create some curves and show the definition of your body as this will always have a much more slimming and flattering effect than just putting on a shapeless over size garment.




Think about using belts to give definition to your waist, or cropped jackets to show your curves. Fitted trousers with a loose top will generally always look better than having a loose look top and bottom. With a few simple tweeks to your outfits you can add curves and definition where you did not have any and achieve a much better over all look.




3. Don’ forget to accessorize. Accessorizing your outfit is a crucial style tip that is often over looked by a lot of people. The right accessories will really set off an outfit and it is a really simple and cost effective way to transform a lot of your outfits.

Whether you want to be all out daring or just add a simple scarf accessorizing is an absolute must. A scarf in the new seasons colours is an easy and instant way of bringing your outfit bang up to date and a pop of colour to a muted look will totally transform it. Whatever way you decide to accessorize your outfit is up to you but it is a real style essential tip.


Lagenlook plus size

Lagenlook plus size styling

Lagenlook plus size style tips for Spring – Final words

The simple tips above are very easy yet effective ways to truly perfect the art of Lagenlook styling and will guarantee that each outfit that you wear shows you at your best.

A little bit of thought before you chose your outfit will make all the difference and by dressing for your body shape and showing off your curves you will discover a whole new you.

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