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Over the years there have been many different fashion styles that have come and gone from flares and kaftans in the seventies to power suits and shoulder pads in the eighties. These fashions whilst being memorable have not always been the easiest of styles to wear or for that matter looked good either. Over the last few years however a style of dressing has appeared that is both easy to wear and looks fantastic and that is why I love Lagenlook clothing!


Lagenlook vermillion necklace

What is Lagenlook Clothing?

Lagenlook clothing is taken from the German word ‘layered’ and means layered clothing. It is a way of dressing that sees an outfit built up with many different layers to create an overall effect. The beauty with this style of dressing is that it lets you create your own unique look and can be as layered or as simple as you want it to be. It is great for any shape or size and age group and never dates.

The lagenlook can go from subtle one or two layers to an almost theatrical look. The look can be kept simple with muted shades and simple lines or can be totally over the top with clashing prints and colours and steam punk styles. That is the beauty of this style of dressing it is totally up to the individual as to what look they would like to create.



To give you an idea of how to create a lagenlook look you first pick a base layer such as a simple t-shirt or tunic with a pair of pants or a skirt which ever you prefer. The pants can be a skinny or flared leg again you choose and you can have a short or a long skirt again your own choice. The next layer will then be something like a chunky jumper or a jacket either long or short just as long as you can see each individual layer underneath. You can then add scarves or statement jewellery to your outfit and finish with a great pair of boots. The trick to the lagenlook is that you can see parts of each layer and they all work with each other by tone or colour or pattern.


Lagenlook fringed scarf


Once you have tried a few outfits you soon realise how easy and versatile this style of dressing can be. Of course it doesn’t just have to be for the casual style of dressing either you can really glam it up with your choice of fabrics, colours and prints and it is a look that will work well from day to evening. One of the biggest advantages though is that it is not restricted to cat walk fashion and what is trendy at the moment so you don’t have to worry about following all the latest trends though this can be achieved through seasonal colours if you so desire.


Lagenlook open-front striped cardigan

Why I Love Lagenlook Clothing? – Final Words

Therefore if you are looking to try a new look why not give this style of dressing a go and see if you fall in love with the Lagenlook style as we did.


Lagenlook two piece tunic brown


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